Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Pregnancy 38 weeks, 5 days.

My wonderful Mother-in-Law picked up Scarlett at about 11:30 today and took her out to Queen Creek to spend the day with her cousin Rachel at Aunt Nikki's house. Scarlett played and played all day (wouldn't even take a break to eat I guess), and she was gone until about 6:15, falling asleep on the way home in the car. 

I got the chance to have a pretty low key day, met up with my sisters and walked around in 2 different Wal-marts, and at Fry's while they shopped. And tonight Joe says he is going to come home so that I can go see a movie with my Sister Wendy. That will be nice.

Yesterday at the OB they did strip my membranes, and in case you weren't aware, it HURTS LIKE HELL. I thought afterwards perhaps I was progressing, but really i was just in throbbing pain from the procedure.

I have been kind of a weepy emotional wreck again this afternoon. These pregnant hormones, are killing me :P I hate feeling like I have no control of my emotions, and sob at the drop of a hat over anything the slightest bit upsetting.

I have another doctors appointment on Friday, and am hoping they will schedule an induction for me. One of the Nurse Practitioners said they wouldn't let me go over my due date... I sure hope that is truth. My due date is 9 days away now.

It doesn't make me feel any better when people tell me the baby is NOT going to come early, so I don't wanna hear it. Pray that she comes soon, for those of you who are in the good graces of God. :)

Still no baby glider yet, I hope I can arrange that business before E gets here... (thinking).


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