Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WARNING: Design Star Spoiler!

If you are planning to watch the finale of Design Star on your DVR sometime leisurely this week, and want it to be a surprise, then I hope you didn't click my link because you saw the warning subject line!

The winner of Design Star was Emily Henderson! She is an ex-Mo and very cool gal, and I totally dig her design style. The premiere of her new show is Sunday night at 7pm and 10pm (just like Design Star's time slot was)

If you are a big fan like me.. you might want to also follow her blog here.

--- On an unrelated note, here is a recap of Yesterday's events. My Handsome Husband, Joe turned 30.

Growing up, birthdays were like our own personal National Holidays. We got the breakfast of our choice (for me it was waffles with rainbow sherbet sandwiched between them), and our favorite dinner, (I always chose Spaghetti) and when we woke up in the morning, the coffee table in our living room would be displaying my wonderful gifts, and we all of us kids tried to make sure we got our siblings gifts, which made for a nice spread! Then we went to school, pretty much feeling like royalty, wearing our new birthday outfit, and a smile from ear to ear. To us, it didn't matter that we didn't get a birthday party most years (only 5, 8, 12, and 16 customarily), because we had already been given the VIP treatment at home, with love.

(wow that cake looks awesome, image from here)

Naturally in my mind, when I think of a birthday coming up, I sort of hope for all of that to still come to pass. However, as an adult, you come to realize, that you have to have money to buy fancy presents. And when it comes down to buying diapers or a DVD, you opt for the diapers. But, luckily Joe's sister Nikki offered to watch Scarlett, and AMC 24 has the awesome deal of $5.25 movies on week nights, so we went and saw "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" and really had fun watching it together, snuggling, and eating the Rubio's burritos we smuggled into the theatre from my purse, and giggling at all the random hilarious humor. We ran to Walmart to pick up a few sundry necessities, and then headed back to pick up Scarlett. She was so happy and in such a good mood when we got there. Made me feel good. On the way home, Joe said that this was the best birthday he ever had, and that he is so grateful for his girls. Just before bed, I cut Joe's hair. I think it looks pretty decent for being done at 1AM. I got myself with the scissors in the process, but luckily i have the crappiest dull pair of scissors in the land, so it didn't do much damage.

I also went to the OB yesterday and she did seem a bit surprised I hadn't gained any weight in the last 2 weeks.. but i guess the baby measured ok, cause she didn't seem TOO concerned. I think the nurse lady is kind of a dim-wit though, because she can never seem to get my blood pressure right the first time, and I hate that squeezy cuff, it hurts for PETES sake! She's always like, "i don't hear anything" *sighs*

mmm Petes sounds tasty! Thats all for now, folks. xoxo.


Allyson & Jere said...

That cake looked AWESOME. I was gonna be so impressed that you made that. hahaha

So glad Joe had a great birthday.

Wow, you guys had quite the birthdays growing up. Unless it was our party year, our birthdays were pretty much forgotten. In fact, I forgot to write this, but in 8th grade, mine was literally forgotten. The NEXT day my Mom said,"Oh, happy birthday yesterday, and handed me a can of hairspray." hahaha The best part is, I freaking SHARE my dads birthday. So funny.

And finally, how do you know this about Emily Henderson. Your quaint terminology of an "ex mo". I liked her ok, I'm sure she'll be good. But David Bromstad will ALWAYS be my favorite winner.

Wendy said...

Yes, it is hard to have birthday celebrations as an adult to compare with the ones we enjoyed as kids.!

✩Molly✩ said...

Ally, that birthday story was sad! I would have cried a lot if everyone forgot my birthday. i remember watching 16 candles and thinking, no, that doesn't really happen to teenage girls, parents would know better! And while sharing a birthday with your Dad? Did they celebrate HIS special day?!