Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair Hair Everywhere!

Just how long AM I planning to let it get?

Well definitely not this long--

That scares me and reminds me of the movie "The Ring" sorry for the horrific flashback that may have provided those who saw the film.

The truth is, it is just growing because I can't afford to have my hair done. I have not had my hair professionally done or cut since last December. I did put some boxed color on it a while back, to try and reduce the number of colors and inches of hideously visible regrowth that was taunting me each time I looked in the mirror. I definitely think the prenatals are helping it grow faster too. I can't remember having my hair any longer than it is now, since I was a kid anyway.... So I suppose it is also a form of amusement to watch it grow.

I suppose if it starts looking hideous or ratty I will cut it. but until then, putting it in buns, like I did yesterday, twisting it like a twisty donut into some sort of crazy bun in a very Grandma Louise kind of manner, and things of the like, are fun things to do.  Scarlett has also grown very fond of brushing my hair for me. She likes how she can just so easily run the brush through my insanely straight hair... such a contrast to her hair that gets instantly caught in the brush with her curly goodness.

Speaking of Hair, I think my husband REALLY wants a haircut today. I have been unintentionally procrastinating this event, and I can tell his patience is wearing thin. I understand... and promise to try and get it done today.

I have another OB appointment Monday. 30 weeks am I, holy carp this baby could come any time! She moves around SO MUCH, and I think is anxious to fly the coop, not that I blame her, I  am feeling pretty crowded myself.



LanaBanana said...

I love my hair when I'm pregnant. Its the only time it doesn't fall out and it feels healthy. It usually looked pretty great too. hahaha

Thanks for braving my link once again to comment. Sorry to give you nightmares.

LanaBanana said...

And woops! That was me, Allyson commenting. I'm at Porters house. OOPSY!

AJ said...

yeah total flashback to the Ring- eek!!

I think growing your hair out is fun, and uctting it is fun too.

I also procrastinate Jack's hair-cuts, i don't know why I just never feel like doing it. And then I see all my mistakes after I cut it and hate it.

Camille said...

My hair is the same way right now. Ever since cutting it short I have been depressed about the cost of keeping it short. So now it's not cute-and-peppy short anymore, it's just tired-and-dull short. Which is how it will stay until it becomes tired-and-dull medium, and then long again. Someday when I'm rich I'll get it cut every four weeks just for fun.