Saturday, July 31, 2010

Survey Style

I'm not in a wordy mood but I do feel like I have things to say, so here it goes in an unorthodox way.

Name of the Week: Eloise Violet Rawlins (we could call her E.V. for short!)

Missing members of the household: Joe, he is in San Fran on a business trip.

Estimated Time of Return: Sunday sometime, but subject to change.

Plans for the weekend: None really.

Cravings at the moment: can't get enough water... man, living in the desert is the PITS!

Reportable funny sounds: hopefully just the rain on the window... :)

Funny Scarlett Story: She made 4 marks on her leg in sort of a Sonar/ target pattern in 4 different colors. When I saw them, I said, "Honey, it is not good to draw on yourself with markers..." she got the most dumbfounded and disdainful look on her face as if I could not possibly be right about this, and continued to say, "but Mom, I'm a robot with the color pink!" I said, "well okay, tonight you can be a robot with the color pink, but please don't draw on yourself with markers anymore. " She trudged away, a little annoyed.

New Scarlett favorite shows: Oswald (a giant blue octopus who sings about his every emotion), and the Mr Men Show, based on those darling books that have been around since we were kids... very well demonstrate the attributes of each emotion. Mr Happy, Mr Persnickety, Little Miss Oops, Mr Rude (pictured on right), Mr Tickle, etcetera.

Confirmation on unusual sound: Yep, it is now pouring rain... it sounds like someone left a very strong spigot of water on, over my roof... almost would make me think I don't live in the desert!


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Wendy said...

I would've sworn I commented on this post because I thought it was funny. I liked the way it was written. Plus, you have a gift for finding good pics to accompany the copy.