Friday, June 25, 2010

Trail Mix, Baby Slings, and Dog-piles.

Scarlett's new favorite treat in "the whole wide world" is Trail mix. Yep. I went to a RS Meeting with my Mom and they gave us as a handout a prescription bottle full of trail mix. I took it home to Scarlett and she chowed down the whole thing... With no prejudice to ingredients. She is a trail mix lover. We bought her a bag of Kroger trail mix this afternoon and she is quite enjoying it.  I'm thinking to look at the Sunflower Market to see if I can get a better deal on it by the pound... as I am too lazy to make my own. (image from here)

So the verdict is in, I suppose I had better get a double stroller. I had been eyeballing that nice graco stroller that Amiee sent me the link to, and found a really cool color combo one that's only available online from Walmart... I think this is also the same kind Crystal was telling me about. heres the image. I have added it to my registry... which now has the car seat i want for Scarlett and this stroller, and that's it, lol.

Oh, and today my question involves baby Slings... I have always wanted a good one... think it would be nice to be able to hands-free carry the new-by so that I can still be of help to the Scarlett. They have some ADORABLE ones on Etsy... (that little girl reminds me of Scooby, and the cool thing about these slings is that they dont have any snaps or rings, so you don't have to fuss with it, just lay them in it.. the print I liked best looks like this:

Today has been well, not the best day. I woke up this morning and checked my account to discover that even though I watched my account and attempted to transfer funds to cover a pending transaction, it was past some cut-off time, so I incurred $66 in fees. AND nobody at Chase bank gives a crap that I tried so hard to keep my account positive and they told me there was nothing they could do. Jerk faces.

The one perk of our day was that  on our way out the door, Joe's sister Nikki stopped by and I think half way joking asked Scarlett if she wanted to go with her instead of us, and she was like, "OK!" it surprised Us as much as Nikki, but because she couldn't bear to tell Scarlett no,  so we got to go to the grocery store alone. It was fun to walk the aisles with Joe, holding hands, leisurely, without the determent of a 3 year old with endless wants and needs. 

On our way home from the grocery store however, our car broke down... It was acting a little funny a couple days ago (which is why I have pretty much just stayed home), but apparently has now decided to completely stop running. So, there we were sitting in the 107 degree heat, with a car full of groceries. (image from here) We called Nikki and she agreed to come rescue us and our groceries. Joe stayed with the car because it had some video equipment in it he didn't want to have stolen, and once Nikki got me home with the groceries I managed to get ahold of my mechanic who said he was on his way to help rescue Joe, and bring the car over to his house to look at, and Nikki brought Joe and his equipment safely back home. So in the end, we are car-less. Both cars are now out of commission, and we have a checking account with a -$61 balance. So pretty much, things are awesome with us.

We have been home this evening watching movies on TV and I would definitely have to say the hi-light of my evening was when we had a family dog-pile on the couch... First i was just laying there.. then Joe came to snuggle, so he was piled behind me (we are large so we look more piled than just snuggled), and Scarlett came in and didn't want to miss out on the fun, so she climbed "Mom and Dad Mountain", and plopped right on top and wrapped her arms around Dad who had his arms around Mom who has baby V in her belly. {no worries, i wasn't being smashed} I couldn't feel more blessed to have so much love all piled on one love-seat. (image from here)



amattiee said...

just a random thought that occurred to me while reading this post, if you name baby girl violet, did you realize that both of your girls would have color names? it's cute. you're cute. that s all.

Allyson & Jere said...

So sorry abnout your car situation. nothing worse than being stranded. Hope it gets worked out soon.

But, i'm glad that you were able to find some joy in the dog piling and your little family.

Wendy said...

Violet is a very cute name! Bummer about the car nightmare. The overdraft charges would be so frustrating too.

I love being able to strap on a baby to get things done. The image you showed looks cute, but seriously is it just me, looks like that baby will fall out!

I always wonder about that type of sling because it looks like your back would start to hurt. The fabric is very cute. I saw a lady with an 18 month old sleeping away in one just like that, and I thought, wow, that is impressive for a baby that old!