Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Price comparisons....

Looks like the matching car seat to the double stroller I found at walmart and posted about a couple days ago, costs $153.54 all by itself!! (and of course the double stroller is another $205.54.

Whereas this travel system that is pink and brown that matched scarlett's big girl seat that comes with a single stroller only costs $140.00 and comes with a free 10.00 Walmart online gift card.... so it would be more cost effective to get the pink one with the stroller and just not have it match the double stroller... then at least we would have both to suit our needs?

Starting to get sick of thinking about all of it. Feeling tired in general. Man it is hot in AZ. This is going to be one LONG summer!

Yesterday we got our check from one of Joe's clients, and were able to pay our mechanic and pick up our car. I am so grateful to have it back! Also I am excited to have money to pay my rent this month.



amattiee said...

any infant carseat fits in that double stroller. :o)

Allyson & Jere said...

Totally left you a longer message, the internet ate it. UGH!

Mostly, I just suggested you go on craigslist. They have TONS of strollers, double strollers, whatever, and for cheap. I searched a lot out on there. I just happened to get a double stroller for free, which was awesome. But anyway, any baby seat fits in them, and you can save yourself a lot of money.