Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Steals

So I have this wonderful friend Camille... okay so we are mostly just internet friends, but I like to pretend she would want to be my friend in real life.. and she runs this cool thing weekly called Saturday Steals.. And, I as of late have felt sad that I don't shop anymore, so I never have anything to contribute, so I decided to add something for fun.

So, the only thing better than all these deals people keep finding wonderful bargain prices at Goodwill, Yard Sales and the discount children's store Once Upon a Child, are when people feel sorry for you and pick up cute things FOR YOU at Yard Sales. My Parents are AWESOME at doing this.

When we moved back to AZ for example, I mentioned to my sweet Parents that Joe has always desired a reclining chair... to him this was the marker of true Manly success in life, that you have a living room with a nice TV and a reclining chair. (image on right from here) His Dad has a chair that is all his, and fits this bill, so I suppose you can say this was an inherited mindset. I however up to this point had been of the mind that "when we have money we will get you a chair, dear". A week later my dad came home from a Yard Sale and called me up and said I got you TWO matching blue chairs at a yard sale, for $20 for the pair. The guy had wanted twenty a piece, but my dad said he wouldn't give him any more than $20 for the pair, and sadly the guy admitted. See, I know if I were there I would have paid more or just sadly gone home without my desired purchase. So now, Joe has a recliner for the living room and a non reclining chair for his office to sit and read in. And it gets better. (image from here)

Joe also was in dire need of an office chair. He for weeks suffered through sitting on an uncomfortable wooden chair to do his work and his back was in real suffering over it. He told me, I want a chair just like Paul (his business partner) has. He described it to me, and it sounded expensive... so I told him I would keep my eye peeled for a new chair for him. I went to a thrift store and bought a chair for $10 which he did not like, and thought smelled bad, so he was really excited when out of the clear blue sky Paul offered to GIVE him THE chair he had dreamt of... and it is blue and matches the other chairs we have perfectly. Fate? I have to think: yes.  (image from here)

Of course if you read my blog you know that the latest buzz has been all about how there is a child growing in my stomach who will come out naked and have nothing to clothe it. Apparently this imagery is disturbing to some of my readers. My sweet and wonderful friend Amiee told me the other day that she has 2 bags of clothes for my baby! She was so sweet that she even posted on her facebook that a friend of hers didn't have any clothes for her new baby so if they wanted to get rid of little girl clothes she would come pick it up from their house to bring to me, how wonderful is that?! I am so excited!

And of course my Wonderful Parents are at it again. Last week my mom bought a bag full of newborn clothes, washcloth, a couple baby towels, and a small 3 drawer dresser for me to house Zoey's (name of the week) clothes in, and this morning I got another call that she has found MORE clothes for her! Can't wait to go over there and see them. Another great friend of mine Amber who lives in CO is going to ship me all the clothes and stuff from her baby girl who is now about Scarlett's age. She says its all in great condition and I am SO EXCITED about that. (image from here)

So the moral of this post is, Wonderful Family, and True Friendships are not only priceless but insanely good Saturday Steals!

**ADDENDUM** I just went to sweet Amiee's blog and she posted about Saturday steals, and I nearly cried reading of her true charity and love she gives to me as a friend... read the post, you will probably cry too!! LOVE YOU AMIEE!



Sarah S. Foote said...

You do have wonderful friends and family!

I Heart Monster said...

Indeed! Congrats on the great steals. and the baby to be.

Allyson & Jere said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are going to be well clothed for this baby.

It really is so wonderful to have great family and friends. Shoot, i would not have had ANY maternity clothes were it not for my Mom randomly showing up at my door on several occassions with "oh just a few things I found" purchases. And for Dana having just had a kid too. I'm grateful every day for them.

Wendy said...

What amazing women there are out there in the world. I am in awe of such kindnesses being offered to you! What a blessing. I can't help but think it is more than fate!

Camille said...

What a lovely, wonderful addition to the Saturday Steals event! Thanks so much for sharing; I hope you make it a regular occurrence!