Thursday, June 24, 2010

Car seats, Travel Systems, Double strollers?

So a month or so back Scarlett had the privilege of riding in her aunt Nikki Welton's van and ride in her cousin Rachel's snazzy big girl car seat.. and let's just say, she loved it.. it was a big success. Since then, my curiosity peaked and I have googled it. Last time I saw Nikki she told me the brand Evenflo and I Googled again... and SUCCESS! found it on Rollback at Walmart for $59! I don't have $59, but hopefully soon we will. And, if not, I started a registry at Walmart, and have it on there... I think I will be wise and register for different things at the different stores so that I get my bases covered.

Scarlett's car seat is old and her legs are getting too long to stay in the current seat...  plus I found a cute travel system at Target that I really like... and I think the two will look cute in the car together :)

BUT---- People have been telling me that I need to get a double stroller instead of just getting a nice cute single stroller..... My concerns are as follows: 

1-Scarlett won't want to sit in it anyway2- I won't have Scarlett with me all the time and will wish that i just had a smaller single stroller so that it wouldn't be so cumbersome. 

3- I am going to want to use this stroller to carry that baby seat so I am not just trying to HAUL it around everywhere... cause lets face it those things are SO heavy. 

I considered a side-by-side double stroller, but those are so NOT Shopping friendly. Then, I considered a Sit and Stand, but looking at this picture I cannot see Scarlett thinking that was very cool... If she wanted to stand she would probably want to walk... *shrugs* 
I think in the end it probably comes down to: once I have 2 kids I will probably never want to leave the house with both of them, because it will be such a pain. What do all of you think? 

Hoping for words of wisdom.



alice said...

I've seen strollers with a seat for the older child to sit where she would be facing you. much like the sit and stand though. I don't think Scarlett would like it very much, and it doesn't have a seat belt in the back, so she could get up and wander off... :/

I hope you figure it out. sounds tough.

Jacque said...

Since we had twins, I opted for a double stroller. I researched forever and found one that I love. It's a Kolcraft Tandem stroller and I think it would be great for you. It has a car seat attachment that the little one can click into and a big seat that Scarlett can click into herself. Plus, if she feels like walking she can just hold on to the straps that are attached to the stroller. Its seriously the greatest thing ever, in my opinion. Here check it out:

Aspire to Inspire said...

I have a graco double stoller with a front and back seat area... a carseat will snap into both the front and back. Skylie USED to want to walk everywhere but once she saw that Austy got to RIDE she would get really upset if we just had the single stroller with us.

NikNik said...

This is my thought process for what it is worth......Stop and think about the LAST 3.5 years....
1) How many times have you GONE somewhere and NOT taken Scarlett???? My thought: Plan on having her a. she will need you more then EVER b. Consistancy of not including her since you have been her 100% companion for her WHOLE life is going to be HUGE...

2) Going anywhere is work with 1 kid.....IMAGINE double duty because it is EASILY that - this is not to make you discouraged because you are an amazing woman and we ALL make it through this...

3) Double strollers are awesome...a.They make the ones that accomadate the click infant car seat/carrier..b. the stand and sit ones are fun for the little ones- it is like riding on the shopping cart bottom bar and holding on to the handle....but they also can turn around and face you when they are POOPED from the days events...The sit and stand are MUCH shorter so it does not FEEL like the limo of all strollers.

3) cost...If you are NEEDING a new stroller/ getting one. mine as well accomodate your entire family. If you were NOT going to buy a new one then I would say make due with your single one....but if you are going to buy a travel system at approx $180 mine as well buy a DOUBLE stroller at $140. Remember the infant car seat only lasts 5 -7 months anyways.

You are going to be a awesome mom to 2 cute girls (plus you can get ALL pink and brown and NOT make a boy gender pissed to ride in it!!)

I vote double stroller....I loved mine...(granted i got one for 2 boys in 10 months...then got one for 2 boys 18 months....and then I had to upgrade to a WAGON) lol

my youngest 2 are 7 years apart and there was still times i wished for a double stroller for Disneyland, malls, 4th of july events, etc....

Love Nikki

amattiee said...

i love my double stroller! matt and i went to the baby depot (burlington coat factory) and actually test drove the double strollers before we picked one out. we piled the heaviest things from the store into the stroller and checked out the turn radius, if it was easy and comfortable for both of us.

i love the one we got because leslie can "snap" herself in, in the front seat and the rear seat reclines all the way for sleepy baby. the turn radius is awesome. it's a little cumbersome to fit in my trunk, i have to take the front wheels off everytime, but they just pop off, so no biggie. it's got a HUGE storage space underneath and HUGE shade covers. it's gone everywhere with us; zoo, mall, stores, even to disneyland!

i suggest doing what you love the best. i know after kinzey was born leslie reverted, just a teeny bit, back to some of her younger habits. she just wanted some attention and to make sure we noticed her. so the double stroller worked out great.

amattiee said...

ps. this is the one we have:|B001GQ2PAK&CPNG=baby&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

it's a little pricey but its all steel reinforced so it's really durable. and it has shocks.

my mom and all of my aunts spilt the cost. i ended up being like $25 each. and i am VERY happy.

Joe said...

Dear God, tell me my new baby is not registered at Wal-Mart! You gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

Just try to find out if it was made in China, because we're not interested in anything made in china besides phones.

Wendy said...

Double stroller without question! Nikki is so right, you will have Scarlett. Plan on it. With 2 kids, a mother NEEDS to be able to secure both children and get on her way. I love mine. We just carted 3 kids 3 Disneyland, often making use of the top for a 3rd child, It is too late to get a new single, start with a great double!

Wendy said...

BTW, that EvenFlow carseat that would be for Scarlett is very cute!