Wednesday, June 23, 2010

V is for Violet

I don't know if it has anything to do with the Poll (to your right if you still haven't voted) or what... but i am starting to lean toward Violet Faye for the name of my sweet little kicker. I think I will call her V for short. V for victory and valor... V for Vendetta!> (image from here)

Today I asked Scarlett if when the baby comes if she wants it to sleep in her room with her. She said Okay!  I asked her, "..So you can keep her safe and she won't be scared?" Yes, she responded.  My mom said yesterday that she would probably do fine with the baby in her room. I, am a smidge more skeptical... hate to send a lamb to the slaughter.. though I know Scarlett would mean well, she is also sort of a sit up at midnight and sing a song kinda girl, or "hey, this seems like a good time to play with my toys and jump on my bed" sort of spirit. We love her, but she does appreciate the need for her own space (at least with other kids who are not her siblings).

V (as we shall call her until I change my mind again) has been kicking and moving around a lot. I really cannot wait to know her... to meet her Sister, and to watch Joe ogle over her, destined to be surrounded by beautiful women in his home.

My Mom has come over the past two days and helped me with a curtain project for our arcadia doors. Two places (we have lived in) ago, I bought this shower curtain and liner, but then didn't need it while we lived in Cali, and decided not to use it in the bathroom here so I gave them too my Mom as she really liked them. The heat of this summer seems to be getting more and more ridiculous by the day and as a result, we truly found the need to keep out the sun and heat from off of our patio into our livingroom. My mom, still had the curtains I had given her, and suggested we use those... and the outcome, is definitely an improvement. The doors are a little taller than the curtains, so they kind of look like they are ready for a flood, but they do keep us from tripping over them, and the rings make it easy to slide the curtains open and shut as needed. See the picture provided.
Today after adding the final rings to the shower curtains, My mom and I went to Kirkland home, and we found this cute wooden Princess sign for Scarlett's room. I took some pictures with the laptop cam, which made everything mirror imaged... but I managed to flip these two back in my picture viewer software so that you don't have to read the sign backwards... and then it didn't work... so I had to load it into photobucket, and make the flip and save... so I hope you enjoy seeing this.

I did hang the sign myself, so if it isn't completely straight or well placed, forgive. I did know that Scarlett wouldn't be able to reach it, because the two polka dots below it were still on the wall... if she can reach them from bed, she pulls them off of the wall... :) I also took a picture of the awesome curtains that Rita helped put together for Scarlett (it was SUCH a task, she was a saint to go to all the effort of finding just the right thing. She also bought Scarlett's comforter set and sheets that you can see on the bed including the cover on that cute lime green pillow.




Crissylady said...

I LOVE Violet Faye! That's a wonderful name, and very much in keeping with the precedent you set with Scarlett Paige. I'm so excited for you guys! Miss you!

babyhellfire said...

I LOVE the name Violet- love love love it with Scarlett that is too cute. The room is ADORABLE!

Allyson & Jere said...

I think Violet is just so fitting for you. AND, it goes well with Scarlett, you have strongly colored names.

Love the shower curtain curtains, they're cute. And the Princess sign is really cute too.

Look at you go!

Wendy said...

Looks cute! Wow you have been busy blogging while I was away.