Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Anxious!

Only a couple weeks away now, and we will know if its a boy or girl in my belly :)

Henry Joseph Lindsay or Eloise Faye Julia ?

Why so many names for just one child? I'm pretty sure I'm done after this one so I want to use all the names we like. Compliments are welcome. ha. :)

Belly still feels cumbersome... Haven't gained any weight still. I eat a lot of pickles and drink TONS of water.

Love to all, and hope you have an awesome Memorial day Weekend. My friend Jamie is getting married tonight, and Joe is going to watch Scarlett so I can go. I am excited to be able to share this special day with her. She is like a sister to me, as she has been friends with my sister Sarah since before I was born! One time she was over at our house when Sarah and I were sharing a room, and it was a real mess of a room at the time. My dad came in and said, it's the 3 little pigs! I still pride myself in being one of the 3 little pigs, even though I am trying my best to become a more tidy person.



Jamie said...

HAHA! I love you! Thanks for being there! It meant a lot for you to share in my special day! Love you sis!

Thorne Family said...

I hope you have boy! They are some much fun!!!

RondaR said...

Of course, Aunt Ronda will love her no matter what! I love Faye, because it is Iris's middle name and my mom, Johnnie, also has Faye for her middle name.

I love the name Julia, too. Julia Faye would be a really pretty name. But, as I said before, either way, she will be loved! I am looking forward to another beauty, like Scarlett. :P

Love ya! Aunt Ronda