Thursday, December 17, 2009

It was real, and it was fun, and I didn't take a single picture....

Feeling in a Poppy mood... which is a good thing. I love poppies, especially red ones....

Well, my birthday is officially over.

(image from here , what an adorable pin that is!)

I know some really great people, and I suppose it should come as no surprise, that they give EXCELLENT gifts!!

I do not think I have ever used so many exclamation points in one day, as I have today.
(image from here)

It has been a sublime day. Everything--well most everything--has been perfect, just falling into place. I feel like one of the most blessed people on the planet, truly. I had at least 30 birthday wishes on Facebook and via text message today. All people who are wonderful in their own special and unique ways, like precious stones on display for all to appreciate, though few take the time... I guess there are a lot of people, places and things which fall into this category... *pauses for a moment of contemplation*
(image from here )

My Wonderful friend Malia, and her Husband Phil, took me to Olive Garden for my birthday as was my choice of venue. She said I could eat anywhere I wanted, and that it was her treat. She is truly wonderful. I also learned, that Scarlett LOVES minestrone soup, or at least the broth, and have been again reaffirmed how much Scarlett loves broccoli She has so much to do on Thursday that I was grateful that she was willing to share some of her time with me, on my special day. She is so dear to me! 

Brook, came over just after I returned from lunch, and had put Scooby down for a nap, bringing me wonderful Oreo and whipped cream cake. It was Delicious, and even had one maraschino cherry on it. Perfect.      SIDE NOTE----I must admit, that I have also probably had more maraschino cherries today, than I have EVER had in one single day, my entire life. Thats a lot of cherries... and a lot of Diet Roy Rodgers-s (which is not an alcoholic beverage, but just diet cola with cherries and cherry syrup called grenadine). END OF SIDE NOTE---     It was also just lovely to see Brook, Ardell, and their beautiful daughters, Solana, and Audi. Audi reminds me so much of my Scarlett when she was smaller, only she has such clear and distinguishable speech, without a LICK of whining. Its amazing. I wish I could pass this trait onto Scarlett, I HATE whining. Clarification--I Love Scarlett, but hate whining. They also brought me a Christmas CD, which I am very much looking forward to listening to in my car tomorrow, and have placed it in the player already for my listening enjoyment on Scarletts special birthday. (image from here)

Because I am so giddy, I am going to post this entry WITHOUT pictures of my loot, and I will add in pictures on a separate addended post, VERY soon. Also, showcasing items purchased with said Funds alluded to in this post :) Im crafty, yes.

Everyone gave me excellent cards, which to me is a magnificent gift all on its own! (cartoon from here)

My sister Sarah gave me two beautiful cards, and money! She knows me so well, to get me just what I wanted! Also, just having her at my party was a huge gift, since her loving Husband is out of town for work, and she had to ask her in laws to watch her boys for her. It was wonderful having her come to m party though, and sit next to me.

My mom and Dad gave me a wonderful card, along with these adorable post-its that look like they were designed just for me. They are black and white with paisleys on the sides and in three different sizes and patterns. She also gave me $50! I am excited to be able to go out and maybe buy some pants, underwear, and maybe a new shirt. I feel so blessed by my parents. They really do a lot for me, and I am truly grateful.

Paul and Lizette gave me this awesome vintage purse which was entirely beaded, which has a little separate compartment inside which will work PERFECTLY for my cell phone, though everyone continued to remind me, that when the purse was made, there were no cell phones, and I would say, yeah, yeah it would'a been for a pocket watch or hand mirror or something, but its GOING to be for a cell phone :) . It also came with a strap to make the purse longer instead of just for being held on the short string. It is wonderful, and I love it. In addition she gave me a red glass vase. I love red glass. (surprise surprise, I know!) image from here

Janice Noreen gave me the most beautiful pajamas I have ever seen. They are of course, Red. They have a white embellishment on the pocket, and are 3X so they will fit me perfectly. I love these pajamas, SO MUCH, that I cannot wait to take a picture in these heavenly night clothings... She also gave me a BEAUTIFUL card, that almost made me cry!

Wendy gave me a LOVELY red sweater with big wonderful brown buttons down it, and a BEAUTIFUL black bead necklace that ties with ribbon in the back. (image from here ... I love that image) I love ribbon necklaces! They feel so classy, sophisticated, and yet modern at the same time. Not only did she give me great gifts, but She watched Scarlett after the party so that Joe and I could go see a movie.  She bathed my Scarlett and put her in a brand new blue shirt she bought her, that has a cute little hot cocoa mug with marshmallows on top. She looked so beautiful when I came to get her, and her hair was even done up in a cute, snug little pony on the top of her head :) Wendy is such a wonderful mommy, and an equally wonderful Aunt! Scarlett is very lucky to have her around, and I am positive that she knows it, too. When Joe put her in the car to go with Wendy home, he said, "You wanna go for a ride in aunt "dee dee's" car? and she said, "Okay daddy!" with no resistance. That is true love, in Scarlett form. Calm, collected, contentment, with one's company= Love.

We saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox ( a Wes Anderson film!) I loved it, I really did love the movie. (image from here ) I would recommend it to adults, and not children though. There is stealing, and a lot of death in the movie. Also, whenever the characters would have a desire to swear, they would say "cuss". IT was funny, but very apparent to any adult which words they were substituting for... And a lot of comparisons with animals to groups of people, which children would not catch, and we adults find, truly witty and hilarious. I LOVE metaphor. I am such an English nerd, it makes me giddy.

Thank you Wendy, and Everyone else, who took part in my special day, helping to make this my best birthday EVER. Thats right, ever.



The Waits said...

sounds like a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

I am glad it was a great birthday for you! Scarlett was a happy little shopper at Walgreen's. On to Birthday number 2 today.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great day!!

Allyson & Jere said...

I am so glad you had such a FANTASTIC birthday. Yay for fun presents and the company of those you love.

RatalieNose said...

Yay for birthdays!!!!
Glad you had such a great day!

Lawanna said...

Molly, love that you had such a wonderful day, I love your blog.