Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, Scarlett has now added 13 to the end of her counting string.

She is also loving to sing her Gabba Gabba songs.

She is saying more and more things every day.

She is also LOVING Debbie, Mom and Dad's Dog. Here is a few pictures I took with Debbie months back, but never posted to the blog.. thought that would be an easy way to add pics to this particular post.

Also, I got to give Scarlett a tubby in the the Laundry Room Sink that I used to bathe in when I was Scarlett's age (or close to). I inisisted on bathing in that sink until I could no longer fit. :) Scarlett loved the fawcet, which has one of those attachments on it so that you can get a spray stream to come out of it instead of just the regular flow of water. she would say, "It's SO raining!" I sure love my little girl.

Saturday we spend the day shopping with Wendy, then had oven pizza and played here at my parents with Wendy and her Kids. Sunday Scarlett and I slept in. Then we had dinner at Ben and Kim's house, they were so nice to have us over and invite all of the siblings in town to come for Steak at their house. It was a lot of fun and the food was GREAT.

Monday we had lunch with Sarah and Tyson at Peter Piper Pizza or as Scarlett calls it, "Pizza (de)Yiver!" Then we went over to Grandma Ellsworth's where Scarlett took an excellent Nap, and then when she woke up watched a few of her favorite shows on Grandma's cable.

Then we came back to my parents house, where we had Steak again for dinner, and Adam and Nikki and their kids came over for dinner, too. We were going to swim but it got late fast. Today we had lunch with my friend Nina. She and I have known each other for so long, and even though our relationship has had its ups and downs she is still one of my best friends. We had a lot of fun eating at Serranos. Then we came back to my Parent's house to sit and talk a while. Then we watched some Blues Clues and (wonder)"Pet Pets!"

Right now Scarlett is asking Debbie, "What ya Doin?!" Debbie is looking at her wondering when she is going to leave her alone. Lol. Scarlett does this silly forced laugh every time Debbie comes into the room, she thinks she is soooo interesting. Maybe we'll just get a dog, and not have any more babies. It sounds like a much more responsible plan for us, lol.

Joe got home safely from Vegas. We are really starting to miss him. We are probably going to head back to Cali this weekend, or Monday at the latest.



Sarah S. Foote said...

I'm glad you're having fun. It's awesome that Scarlet likes the dog.

ZippityDoDaw said...

Excellent addition of pictures! That is cool that Scarlett loves the dog. Hard to believe you've been here a week already.