Thursday, August 13, 2009

SomePing new....

For the past two days Scarlett will calmly ask for "Someping new" I assume it is because in Blues clues it says, "Learn something new, join our blues clues band TODAY!" but, I am never sure what someping new she is looking for. Last night I got to go see two movies. The first one I saw with My sister in law Nikki Shumway, 500 Days of summer. She is adorable. I loved the movie. Was very familiar and reminiscent for me, as to things that have happened in my past relationships.

The second one I got to see with My sister Wendy and friend Joel. We saw Julie and Julia. I was so excited for this movie, which makes me wonder if my hype causes a hurt to the films I see. They just can't possibly reach my expectation? I'm not sure because sometimes I will hype, and it will EXCEED expectations, so I will just go ahead and blame the movie. Nobody wants to watch Meryl Streep have sexy time with anybody. She is old... and not in any way sexy. There was a preview for another movie in which there will be more of the same.... the title escapes me, but I think I am going to skip seeing that film. The last couple of Meryl Streep films that I have thoroughly enjoyed however, were Mama Mia, and The Evening. I also really loved The Hours..

My lovely friend Samantha watched Scarlett for me. She is so wonderful, the best babysitter EVER hands down.



Camille said...

Thanks for the warning about J&J. I've been excited to see it, and still kind of am, but I'll try not to get my hopes up.

I do love Meryl, though. Just looked her up on imdb the other day and learned her given name is Mary Lynne (or something with an "L" for a middle name). I am always intrigued by people who change their names for celebrity.

ZippityDoDaw said...

I agree with Camille I do think it is interesting how stars alter their names. Why don't we?!! Oh, that's right because where would the world be if EVERYONE went with whatever cool name they wanted? Quite interesting to think of.

It did not help that movie was TOO late. If I was a huge food enthusiast I think I would've liked it more.

Sarah S. Foote said...

I do think it has a lot to do with expectations. I wasn't excited about it and I enjoyed it. I thought Amy Adams was very cute. And while I didn't like sexy time. Julia Child was such a quirky character I was happy that she had a good life.

Samantha said...

hahahaha i love that you got out and saw movies and i love scarlett so that makes babysitting so easy not to mention you two are the best paying sitter parents evaaaa haha but really i was a little skeptical on julia and julie or whatev so i may just see 500 days