Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes in life, things get crazy. Okay, more than sometimes. A lot of times, 2 year olds decide that sleep is for the birds, and they wish not to participate. You can beg, and plead, you can cry and pray, and yet, NOTHING seems to make the kid give into sleep. Sometimes, you think of all the parents out there DYING to have children, and think, well, maybe I should just give them mine.

If you have just read that, and can honestly say as a parent you have never thought those things, then I am willing to admit that I am crazy.

But, I think it is important at times to remind ourselves, that the best IS yet to come.

Some day between toddlerhood and puberty, I will have good times with my daughter, tantrum free. She will go to school, and learn even more things, and become an extreme conversationalist. We will spend hours together, talking about anything and everything on her mind. I will be her confidant, and listen without judgement. These are the sorts of things I am patiently waiting for, and trying to remember not to sweat the small stuff, like sleep, and perfection.

Love and Laughter,
Red Rawlins


ZippityDoDaw said...

Gosh you really did get plenty o blogging in whilst I was unawares. Yes, sometimes we will want to run kicking and screaming into the night. Yet as they sleep they look so sweet and innocent and we can't recall what made us so bonkers. The biggest trick is figuring out how to squeeze and and all joy possible out of THIS stage. The special snuggles and sweet kisses. Knowing that one day they will be the ones wanting to run screaming into the night because WE are so annoying!

Brooklin Yazzie said...

Yeah except I can't wait to be annoying totally on purpose!! Hahaha! Ohhhh, I'm gathering alot of dirt on these girls to pull out on a later date! Thier first dates perhaps? I can see the fun in the distance!:)

ZippityDoDaw said...

Ready for more from Red Rawlins!

Sarah S. Foote said...

I agree with Wendy.
Life has moments that are "the best" all along the way and finding them is the trick!
However, sometimes it totally feels like one of those moments is never going to come again.
Hang in there been there!
Love you tons!

Samantha said...

your an amazing mom and i cant wait for these moments either and its nice that you remember when those days come your going to miss these days so take it all one day at a time and keep being amazing you!!!!!!!

catherine gardner said...

I'm a friend of Anjeanette and Daniel Pout. I hope you dont mind my comments on your site. I live in England where we have loooong summer nights. Doesent get dark til10.30-11.oopm and is light again 2.00am. How do we fool the kids into not waking at the crack of dawn. Dark curtains!! Every parent in England will tell you black or navy may not be pretty but it makes the bedroom look like midnight!!