Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training Pants and Perfume

So, today I bought Scarlett's first training pants. At first I thought, she would love them, Heck they have Dora the Explorer on them! I would totally wear em if they came in my size! But alas, she fought me to put them on, inspiring a spanking moment (MAN I hate spanking).

But we got them on, and I think now she has learned, that she should not try to kick and scream when I am helping her put on her potty training pants! They are totally cute though... I will make Joe take a picture of her wearing them later. You will see...

So, the past few days, I have decided to put some of this perfume I have been lugging around with me at every MOVE, and actually try out some of the scents every couple days, and I have been LOVING it! Growing up, my Mom always wore the same perfume, still this day, if you smell Este Lauders' Youth Dew, you think of my Mom, you just can't help it. This has always made me want to find a scent that I could love to wear forever and ever.... but I am so non-committal. I LOVE one perfume today, and then Tomorrow when I try on another one, I love that one too, just in different ways.

I have often tried to say, OK, this is the scent for me, but then, I get tired of it! examples start at around age 13. I was DYING to get SUNFLOWERS perfume for Christmas. Now, I just want to puke thinking about it. Over time, I have tried Cotton Candy body spray (which i have been informed makes a person smell like a stripper), Lovespell, and Pear Glace' from V.S., various bath and body works scents, including PearBerry, CountryApple, VanillaSugar, MangoMadarin, & VelvetTuberose.

I have been sharing the names of some of the perfumes I have been using with some friends, and people will say things like, "Oh, my grandma wears that". I guess to some people that would be the difinitive sign that they do not want to smell like someone's grandma. But I have sort of wanted to be an old lady since, well, puberty. Whats funny is, now that my Mom is a grandma, I still don't think of her as an old lady. My grandma is an old lady, nearly 80. My other grandma died at 80. These are old ladies. Polyester wearing, kleenex carrying, perfume wearing, lotion toting, orthopedic shoe wearing, old ladies. Beautiful silver or white hair, no need for coloring. Wrinkles that you want to see. I just wanna squeeze 'em.

I re-colored my hair red, as you might have noticed by my new banner. I am considering making it my new signature instead, so that when I get tired of looking at the banner, I will still have a record of this, so I will try it out for a few posts and see if it bugs me, lol.

Scarlett and I rather enjoyed our early afternoon trip to Target, until she became too tired to function throwing her most recently purchased pair of shoes off, and refusing to walk. The meltdown began because SOMEONE pulled down one of those folding bikes for kids, and Scarlett REALLY wanted it. Of course, she wanted to climb on it, but it wasn't even fully assembled, so I had to put it up out of her reach which made her mad. Oh, if I could count all the times I have incurred the wrath of Scarlett Paige....

But, the first part of the Target trip was fun, eating at the little Food place. Scarlett loves sitting there and eating. She was noticing all of the squares everywhere. On the floor, on the walls, and just so thrilled, "A Square! A Sware!" she would exclaim, gleefully. "Mmmm Pretzel GOOD!"

Scarlett is sitting on the floor giggling about something. I think she has enjoyed squashing the lid to the UPwords Game, and is proud of herself... cheap thrills, I guess.

Turtles and Tumbleweeds,