Friday, June 5, 2009

A post from where its HOT

Okay, so one of my sweet cousin's wives has a blog called ARIZONA's HOT! ... and when its wintertime, and NOT scalding hot outside, i think, "Okay so maybe arizona is really hot SOMETIMES, but come on.." however, now I understand. With this visit, this realization has been refreshed, and really, I will remember vividly just how blasted hot this place is... struggling to recover from these crippling months of heat, for the entire year...

Tomorrow, we will return to the beautiful climate of Irvine, California, were it gets WARM but DEFINITELY not hot.... Where I park in my nice cool garage, never to have my back side SCALDED by a seatbelt. Never to have my daughter turn into a tomato with just a SHORT trip in the car. I am grateful for this.

I am also glad to return to my husband, whose face I am longing to see again.

What have I done for all this time without a single post? My family (meaning my parents siblings, and nieces and nephews on that side) had a little reunion in Heber at a large cabin, that had plentiful showers and power outlets, making it liveable for a city girl like me, though Scarlett and I spent the LEAST amount of time outside of all in attendance. Scarlett isn't extremely social, so she preferred to spend most of her time in our room watching DVD's of her favorite shows on our portable DVD player. We were there from Friday to Tuesday of this week.

Then we came home, and my lovely friend Samatha agreed to watch my little girl, and I got to go see a movie and shop at AZ mills with my Sisters, which was totally fun. Wednesday, we had lunch at Applebees with Jan, then hit up the dollar stores, and went to Griffin's bday party at Wendy's house where most kids played out in the water, but not us. We got to help pick out fun stuff for girls while at the dollar store for the party bags.

Thursday, We went to the Peter Piper Pizza to get in on some yummy buffet (which is free for ages 2 and under), met up with Wendy and her boys and my friend Malia there, and then Malia went with Scarlett and I to D.I. for some good bargain shopping. We had great fun, then stopped by Malia's and hung out for a bit. Scarlett fell asleep, so we came home and let her continue her nap. Then after naptime we went with my mom to Costco. Scarlett loved the hotdog and Pizza, but was pretty much a nightmare for the shopping portion of that trip. We also ran into my cousin Dana and three of her boys at Costco, which was fun.

I am glad that her sleeping schedule has been altered by this trip. I will be glad to cotinue putting her to bed by 930 0r 10 each night, instead of the midnight to 2 as we were before. I am sure Joe and his work will also benefit from this new schedule.

We are off to get some lunch and hit up Mesa Thrift now, after I get Scarlett dressed.

I send my love. Sorry for being MIA for so long. xoxo. Send me some comments :)

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ZippityDoDaw said...

Every single summer I think, Wow, does it really get THIS hot?!!!!

Yeah, it does! Glad you have enjoyed fun outings while here. My how the time has flown.

Sarah S. Foote said...

It was wonderful to see you. I just wish I had more time with you. There's never enough.
Love you tons!

Kim said...

It sounds like you didn't let a minute pass by without filling it with seomthing or someone you love! You deserve it! I hope you got home safe!

Anonymous said...

It was just wonderful to have you here! Looking forward to the next chance we get...Love, Mom