Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cue-Morning Music!

Since I never have much new nor exciting to say, I am going to re-cap our time of consciousness so far today. Joe has probably been up for a few hours, but Scarlett have 0nly been up about 30-40 minutes tops. Yes. It is 2:10 in the afternoon, but we were awake until 2 or 3 so, it is like most peoples 8am :)

Joe got Scarlett out of bed for me, and changed her diaper, but she was looking for me, so he brought her into my room. Apparently she only feels like she can give me her morning demands, the first word out of her mouth to me was " I want treat." I suggested eggs, and she said, "Otay!"

We made eggs yesterday, too, which was the day I finally said to myself, "I may not be able to find my fry pan, but I am determined to make eggs, anyway!" And used a saucepan instead. My friend Brook assured me that she has used one for it before, and that scrambled eggs cook just fine this way as long as you put a little oil in the pan to keep it from sticking. Seriously, I have been craving eggs for a whole month now, so it was about time!

So off we went into the kitchen to make eggs. My eyes still in a haze. She thought the world would end when I wanted to take a quick break to go to the bathroom. I assured her that I was coming right back to make the eggs, but realized she might be too hungry to wait for them so she had a granola bar while litterally standing a foot away watching me make the eggs. She got all excited as I sprinkled the cheese on top, and said, "Cheese! Yummy!"

So I dished up her plate first, and placed it at the counter, and got her drink and put it next to it, and set her up to the counter, as with every bite, it was, "MMM! YUMMY! MMM! Thanks Momma!"

Joe graciously thanked me for his eggs, as he sat at his edit bay working on ANOTHER video... this one, with a SAME DAY deadline. I sat on the couch and ate my eggs, then opened my computer.

I put on this You Tube video of my favorite singer, Badly Drawn Boy, and began to read my email.

(push play to listen as you finish reading this post)

I found sweet sweet comments on my last blog posts from my wonderful sister-in-laws. They are such GEMS! Seriously! (And yesterday I had the joy of waking up to read wonderful comments from my Mom and Sister!) Who are these wonderful people, and why do they love me so much? I know not why, but I sure am GLAD! I just beamed as I read their kind words. It is so true, that people have absolutely no idea what an impact a few seconds of their time can have on another.

Thanks for being my SUNSHINES today!

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ZippityDoDaw said...

I am glad you could feel the AZ sunshine! Friendship sent out form cousins, sisters, in laws, mom, and friends too. Certainly you are loved.

RatalieNose said...

What a good mommy!
I agree, eggs are fabulous!!!
I totally know what you mean about comments making your day! Happens for me all the time!!!