Monday, February 9, 2009

SPOTLIGHT- The Merkleys

Many, Many, years ago, when I was very young, 4 or 5 I think... Someone very special came to live with my family. His name is Rob. To me, he was the essence of fun. He would take me all kinds of fun places, and let me climb all over him and do flips, and let me meet all of his fun friends, and take me to see fun movies. I loved Rob so much, and could not wait to grow up and do all of the fun things that he could do. A year or so later, Rob left on his mission, which to me, was the end of the world. To leave me for two long years, and go all the way across the contry to live in Ohio, seemed like death, to me.

Time flew by, and before I knew it, he was home again. He truly was a part of our family from the day he set foot in our home all of those years before, and is still, and is even more a part of our family now, so many years later.
He, in time met and married his Lovely wife, Autumn, and years later came Xarissa (the x is silent). Then a few years after that, came Ella, and then Maren, and Mallory in that order. They have the most beautiful girls. All so different and uniquely precious. Truly Gems in a crown of glory.Autumn is such an amazing and talented woman. She keeps all those girls in line, hair combed, clean faces, and beautiful smiles. Their kids seem to be rarely sick, and always well taken care of. We went over to their house a few months back, and Scarlett was so happy to be there. She felt like she fit right in with all of those girls, and all of the fun toys they had for her to play with. You can definitely feel the love and happiness, order and unity in their home.

Xarissa, being the oldest, (and was the only for a few years there) is a take-charge kind of gal, and is so very helpful to her family and cousins. She has so many talents, which include singing, art, and conversationlism. Ella, is a beauty, with long beautiful hair. She loves to feel pretty, and can appreciate the joy it brings. She also is a great help with her younger siblings, and is very friendly. Maren, is also so very beautiful, and bubbly. She is quite intuitive, and always manages to find the small things that might need help or attention, and most importantly love. It is hard to keep a cloudy disposition with her around. Mallory, though still very young, and not much of a chatterbox yet, has a sweet and cherry disposition. She is very patient and curious with the world around her. Together they are quite the bouqet of diverse flowers which cast so much beauty out into the world.
I love them all so much. I wish that we would spend more time together, and hope to remedy that in the future, with actions. The Lord blesses our lives in so many ways, with family, and friends who come and nest inside of our hearts for eternity.

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RatalieNose said...

Sounds like a great family! You're a fantastic writer Molly! Excellent word choice!

Wendy said...

Beautiful!!! It was a special and fantastic tribute to an amazing family. We really are so blessed to have them in our lives. I loved the imagery you created. I hope you let them know about this little gem.

Anonymous said...

Amen, is all I can say. Well spoken sweet daughter. They have blessed our lives and continue to do so. Love, Mom Iris