Monday, February 2, 2009

SPOTLIGHT- The BK Shumway Family

Ben and Kim Shumway Family.
Kimberly, Westin Carter, Benjamin, Rhett Kempton, and Sage Wimberly.

Ben and I always had a very close relationship as siblings growing up. He was the one that I could talk to about boys, and would give me the real deal truth about what goes on in the minds of boys.

While on his mission, I had the chance to bond so much with his then girlfriend, now wife, Kimmy. In that time, we became so close, and I prize the strong connection we have with each other. We are so often just on the same wavelength, which is such a great thing. Kim never ceases to amaze me with all of the things she does. She can make awesome headbows for babies and little girls, runs her own Scentsy business out of her home, which is pretty lucritive, and keeps her house so clean even with three children all demanding of her time and attention 24-7. She was the one who encouraged me to make a blog, and now, I dont even know how I lived without one! I definitely thank her for that.

Their kids are so well behaved, it definitely puts mine to shame. At least with their example I have something to aspire to.

Westin is so eloquent, and smart. He is also very observant and honest. I love the beauty of childhood honesty and innocence. I remember the first time he saw one of my tattoos; Of course he doesnt know what a tattoo is, so I said, "Man, it looks like somebody drew on my back with a magic marker!"

Sage is so cute and loves to have people read books with her, and also speaks so clearly. She has cute cowboy boots, and loves to look pretty. She can even walk and play in dress-up shoes, which is impressive to me, as Scarlett doesnt nearly have the balancing skills (nor do I!) to do such things.

That new baby Rhett is SO adorable. Words just cannot express, but of course you can see it in the pics. He seems to be quite patient too, sharing his mommy's attention with two older siblings. He looks so cute in everything he wears, and the other day I was talking to him about how cute he was and he just smiled so big. His mommy told me that most of the time he is pretty reserved with his smiles, and that he smiled at me like I was mom. That made me feel so special.


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RatalieNose said...

I've always liked Ben.

Kid honesty is the best! The other day the girl I was babysitting told me that I have a "fat butt."

ZippityDoDaw said...

Yes children being honest is just awesome. Love the Tribute to the Ben Shumway fam. They are awesome indeed. They know what is right and always do it. I consider that a true testament to their character!

Kim said...

So Nice!!! What is even more amazing to me is that you actually mean that stuff you said! You really have one great brother in that Ben. I'm so lucky that he had such a great family. Thank you so much, that was so sweet of you. Oh, and by the way, I like what you did to the pictures.