Friday, January 2, 2009

Where did the week go?

I swear, it feels like just yesterday I was posting my last blog... perhaps once Joe goes back to work, I can get back into some kind of normal routine... but as for now, it hasn't, and again I apologize to my blog readers... and hope you will still continue to read my sporadic posts.

(every time I say the word sporadic, I can't help but think of the movie clueless, and "try and use it in a sentence today" haha, I'm such a dork)

This morning we were out of milk, which made for a morning of CHAOS! Apparently Scarlett cannot live or function without her milk in the morning. She is such a prima dona. We did somehow manage to get her dressed, and took her to get some milk from the gas station. I also bought "Baby Mama" from the movie vending machine they had at the gas station for 5 bucks.

Scarlett has now taken her nap, and we watched the movie and ordered pizza. Now Joe and I are sitting at our respective laptops on our respective couches. The technological age has sure affect the amount of interaction two people sitting right next to each other require... it is a strange phenomena.

Scarlett's new favorite is the "fee-shee" movie also known as Finding Nemo. Joe has been spoiling her by letting her to go to bed with the movie on, which I am entirely against. The joys of disagreeing. This may have something to do with Scarlett being in such a horrific mood this morning. Joe says, that scarlett gets all concerned when the mom dies at the beginning, saying, "aaaw, momma..", and last night I came in to see what she was upset about, and it was at the end when nemo is laying on the ocean floor unconsious... she was worried for her little fish friend.

I am dying to go to the movies, maybe we can fen angle a babysitter today... fingers crossed. Otherwise, maybe I can go on my own, as I let Joe go see Valkyrie this week on his own. He enjoyed it, though he said it was "haunting", forcably returning to his thoughts days afterward.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! (blows a kazoo)


ZippityDoDaw said...

Lincoln loves to yell, Nemoooo and DooooReeee when we walk in the doctors office everytime! He loves Nemo. Scarlett is in great company!

Samantha said...

hey rolly mawlins! if you need me to watch scarlett let me know i wouldn't mind keeping an eye on her while you guys catch a movie sometime just let me know when your thinking?! <3 you

Anonymous said...

I love you blog and I will continue to read and I am bookmarking your link as soon as I am done writing this. Also, I love the Nemo movie and my nephews use to do the same thing.

Nikki said...

I love the word Sporadic, I should use it more often like Cher. hehe

Finding Nemo is a cute one, but the beginning makes me sad like Scarlett.

Anonymous said...
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