Sunday, January 4, 2009

An evening of New Favorites

New Favorite Movie:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
It was such an excellent film.
Heartwarming, entertaining, epic and a GREAT MOVIE. I would reccomend it to pretty much anyone. Unless of course you can't sit still for two and a half hours, in which case, wait till it comes on DVD and come watch it at my house :)
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New Favorite Restaurant:

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ.
We went to the location over in the Tempe Marketplace District. It has a wonderful atmosphere. The walls are red. The music is bluesy, and looking at their website, they have live Blues music every Saturday night from 6-10 pm, we got there just after they finished I guess, but I plan to go back another time when they are playing, cause I love blues music. :) I had the tri tip sandwich, and it was phenomenal. Joe and I shared a cup of corn chowder which was spicy but good, and Joe enjoyed his Sirloin Steak sandwich as well. I also ordered the Snickers Pie dessert to go, and let me tell you, it is SOOOO tasty. They also sell their BBQ sauce so that you can put it on your own chicken until you can afford to go back in. :) It is definitely my new favorite Restaurant. When you go there, you will be able to tell why, I know I am not doing it justice with my description.

New Favorite Babysitter:
Samantha Ware
She was great, and Scarlett had a good time. She didnt cry the entire time, until we came to the door, and then she knew that she could make us guilty for having left her there. Samantha was great with her, and being that she has worked in daycare centers for the last 8 years, needless to say she is more than qualified :) I am so grateful to her for offering to watch Scarlett, and it helps me feel better about maybe going back to work, if she would watch Scarlett.

New Favorite Fruit (for Scarlett):
Well, tonight was definitely a night full of new favorites for our entire family.
The watermelon. Lucilles gave us each a nice sided slice of watermelon with our meal. I am not a watermelon fan, and Joe was so full with eating his sandwich, so we put it in our box to go. On the way home, once Scarlett had polished off two more halves of a graham cracker Samantha gave her for "the road", we decided to try giving her some watermelon, and she was just happy as a little clam, once she realized just how tasty that watermelon was. We sure love our sweet little girl.

Thanks again, Samantha for helping us have such a great evening out. The evening was well worth the money, paying to have it all! :)


Anjeanette said...

Sounds like a really nice evening out.

Samantha said...

WOOOHOOO! <3 is that really the best picture of me hahaha I had a blast watching her she is too cute i cant wait to send you the pictures and video clips they are soooo cute man oh man and I am so glad you two had a great time i mean you need a night out with the hubby anytime you know where to find me needless to say my family loves scarlett especially tink and my mom haha

Wendy` said...

Wow what a great friend. She seems amazing!! I am glad you guys had such a great time.