Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taking the tree down

Even if the Holiday Season seemed a bit long and grueling at times, I think all in all Scarlett had a pretty good Christmas.

Scarlett has had such a divine love and admiration for all Christmas trees this Season. She loves the beautiful ornaments, and the colors. She gently touches each one, and with some coaching has learned not to pull them off of the tree.

Because she has loved it so, I was sad to take all the ornaments and decor down at our house. The walls seem practically bare without Christmas brick-a-brac everywhere I look.
Our Friends David and Patricia invited us over for Dinner last week, and Patricia took these wonderful pictures of Scarlett in front of the tree for me to print and put in my very cool birthday present they bought me.

It's a ferris wheel style picture frame and it holds 10 photos. I was eyeing this at Target, but couldn't rationalize the splurge.. Scarlett loves it as much as I do, and loves to make it spin. Thanks! I can't wait to order the prints and fill it up!

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ZippityDoDaw said...

So cute how much she loved the tree. WHat a neat picture holder. What fun.

Photography By Jo said...

Your little girl is so adorable. so, could you see the whole blog before on your screen or just since I changed it?

Photography By Jo said...

I'm also sorry to hear that you had a hard time getting your pictures bigger. :( Your blog looks great though. :)

Lost said...

So cute, heh. *Trying to remember something about an ornament in the car?* Hmm..