Sunday, January 4, 2009

A year's overview on one post... can I do it?

I was just reading my friend Molly's recap of '08 and she did SUCH a good job. It was a great idea, so I am going to try to do the same thing, luckily I have my blog to look back on :)


I tried my best to keep up with Crawling EVERYWHERE Scarlett. The worst was her crawling away mid diaper change

Scarlett was still calling me May May instead of Mom or Mommy at that point.

Her Hair just began to get curly.

Joe's sister Tina got married to her husband Corey. They had a disney Themed wedding.

Scarlett got to meet her Great Grandma Julia Rawlins for the second time ever. Scarlett was fascinated with her walker.

I was in a car Accident in our CRV, and that was truamatic, but besides being inconvenienced for a month by being carless and out a thousand dollars we couldn't spare, we were ok.


Scarlett had her very first Stomach flu.

Scarlett fell in the shopping cart. (the same week we FINALLY got our car back)

My friend Fritz charitably mailed me a check for 4K. Yes its true, and man the money went fast.


Scarlett began standing up against things.

I got Scarlett's first Professional pictures taken! (nightmare, producing only 2 gems)

April & May

Scarlett really started developing her personality. laughing and jabbering, and interracting. she just wanted to sit and talk.

scarlett got lots of teeth and started walking. I didnt blog for the most part, because we didnt have any internet.


started being sure enough on her feet to carry her favorite toys around. still tripped A LOT, very light on her feet almost like a dancer.

Joe got his iPhone love.

Paul and Lizette got married (Joe's boss and our friends) and Aunt Tina watched scarlett so we could go to Sedona for the wedding.

my phone drowned in the swimming pool, and was replaced


Mr Grandpa Gerald Swinton Shumway died at age 92.

Another never ending ear infection for peanut.

Spent time with cousins.

Scarletts hair grew more.

Scarlett developed a LOVE--rather infatuation with cell phones.

She also was such a great shopping companion... and walked the mall on her own 2 feet for the first time


Scarlett began to love reading short books

We moved into the condo and got internet again!

Scarlett had her first pigtails

Daddy Joe's Bday

Scarletts second pigtails


Scarlett Discovered her Singing voice. Go ahead and visit the old post to see the video of her singing, if you didnt see it back then.

Had a Scentsy party

Scarlett discovered the Backyardigans, who she still loves.

Scarlett learned to say CHEESE :)

My nephew Rhett was born


Scarlett will no longer sit in high chairs. Only big girl chairs will do.

Scarlett began to say certain words on demand (for mom and dad), click here to watch the "nice" video, if you missed it the first time around.

I created:
(you can still feel free to drop your burdens in comment form or email any time)

My brother David and his son were in a motor cycle accident, luckily they are doing much much better now.

My nephew Seth Phillip was born.

Scarlett was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I dont have any pictures of it, but my husband has video that is still on his video camera....


Found a new friend

Scarlett got her Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls

Scarlett began requesting television shows by name. First Patch, then Back (for backyardigans) now she calls it Pablo instead. Street, Dora, and Feeshy came in December...

I discovered Scrapblog :) Here is one of my pages

I cut my own hair

Scarlett had her second set of professional pictures taken, and again, it was a less than pleasant experience.


I discovered how well visited my blog truly is

Joe and I had our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Colored my hair RED

just in time for Joe's Company Christmas Party :)

Scarlett's 2nd Bday

Scarlett got the gift she picked out (the month prior) for her Birthday and Christmas (it was $80)

My 24th Bday

Christmas, and New Years Eve we spent as a family, though not overly tumultuous or exciting. Sometimes that is a nice thing though.

Here is to the next year, hopefully it runs a little smoother and better, but in general, even if it doesn't at least I know we can live through it!

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Joshy said...


YOUR WHOLE YEAR.. Hun you really did a really good job.. I love it. Your new friend looks like a bitch tho... Just sayin ;)

✩Molly✩ said...

naw... she is just a fun picture poser :)

Anjeanette said...

That's a great review.

Kim said...

Nice recap! That was cute idea. Amazing to see whenre Scarlett started the year and where she ended it. Very cute.

Wendy said...

Wow, what a year!!! I am amazed you were able to recap that whole year! It is amazing how quickly her hair grew!!!

Lost said...

Some year, if I tried to do that.. well hmm. Now that I think of it.. nah. It'd be nothing but my life in terms of pets o.O LMAO. Love you, glad I could be part of 2008 with yous, despite you neglected to mention re-uniting with such an awesome person such as myself. LMAO JK. :P

Crandell Fam said...

Wow, I don't know if I could do my whole year in one post...mostly because I don't think I could possibly remember it all! Great job.