Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Molly's Mood

Some of you may consider me a slacker, because I tend to not post the first few days of the week, but you should note that I do usually post every day on the weekends, when most others do not, so I would like to announce that my blogging "sabbaticals" take place at the beginning of the week, instead of the end. (whew) I feel as though a weight has been lifted with that announcement :)

Tonight after tubby time, I decided it was time to trim off a few stragglers at the bottom of Scarletts ever-so-long and curly locks. Some of them tend to get a little matted and crazy just from her sleeping and playing and such. Needless to say, trimming just a few little tiny knots off at the bottom has made a big difference. Her hair looks much healthier now, not to mention less hobo.

I still don't have my car up and running, and that is really taking a toll on my mood. I miss being able to drive myself, in my wonderful car to a movie or to the store in the evening, just to get "out". Joe's car is older and less comfy, which makes me less likely to want to venture off into the evening with it. I will be so glad to have REDSTAR back. (yes, thats my custom plate and name of my car)

The past few nights Joe has been nodding off to sleep much earlier than our 3 or 4 am norm, at an hour more like 830 or 930, and I have to say that I miss spending that time with him. I also have a horrible time trying to fall asleep when he is already in bed. I dont think it is necessarily the snoring, but just my stir-crazy self. I have no problem going to bed first, just not going to bed last... silly, I know.

Joe has also been getting up and going in to work early, and working late. I think he must have some big projects coming due at work. Between that, and trying to help his brother work on my car I have not seen a whole lot of him, and it is also taking a toll on my mood.

Fun and exciting new things....? Well Scarlett has done a few extremely cute things this week. When she asks for a bottle, usually I will say, "go find it, where did it go?" and she looked back at me with big inquisitive eyes, and said, "where'd it go?" while turning her head to look.

Tonight she leapt off the couch and ran across the room to point to the decorative star I have hanging on the wall and continued to say, "twee star? twee star?" First I thought maybe she was saying that it was a star like we had on the christmas tree, but then I realized she wanted to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star. So I started singing the song with her and she would sing twee star twee star", until eventually she figured out that it was "twinkle star....twinkle star." Then when I got her out of the tub, she has a play microphone she plays with in the tub, and she was singing "twinkle star... twinkle star" I tried to get her daddy to come out of his sleepy daze to appreciate it, but he was a bit too tired... HIS LOSS, because it was freaking adorable.

More pictures to come tomorrow perhaps.

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Kim said...

I'm glad that you clarified your bloging habits. We all needed to get set straight. I know what you mean about the no car thing. I've had Ben's car this week and it's not that much fun! Such is life, at least we have a car, huh?

Camille said...

I hate not having a vehicle at my disposal. That's why, when visiting AZ, I prefer to drive myself rather than fly. It sucks at first, but once I'm down there and have a car to get places, I'm glad for it.

ZippityDoDaw said...

I don't know what anyone else is upset about, I am driving my new Audi around, it is pretty sweet! I could drive by and wave sometime...smile and wave boys, smile and wave!

It does suck being stuck at home! When I start to realize I have lived in my jammies all day up till I switched to gym clothes at 6pm...Yes the HOtness!

Allyson & Jere said...

Sucks about the car, there is nothing worse than feeling stranded. We were a one car family for a year, and I won't lie, it sucked most of the time. Glad to know I can stop checking for updates except for the weekends.

Crandell Fam said...

I love it when they start talking and singing so much! That does sound freaking adorable. Sorry about the crappy things affecting your mood. Hopefully the car sitch will be worked out soon!

Crandell Fam said...

P.S. I still have my "new year's" card for you...can you email me your address? jenwren2@gmail.com.