Saturday, January 10, 2009

Comic Characters

So I was just reading a blog of an old High School friend of mine (named Matt who just turned 24) and he said something about feeling a desire to grow up a bit, not to go crazy or anything but a desire to feel a little less like Tommy Pickles

(from Rugrats for those of you who didnt know) and a little more like Doug Funny (from D0ug) only minus the green sweater.
I told him I could support this aspiration and long as he didnt go overboard and shoot for Dagwood.

I have to admit all this consideration made me wonder which comic/cartoon character I most relate to.

In my younger years, i always related best to Daria. I dont think her show is still on the air, but in Jr High and High School, I was so sure she was my animated equal. It would have been a three way tie between her, and Enid from Ghost World(which was later made into a movie), and Emily the Strange.

Today, though... Being a mom, I think I need a more Momly animated Character twin...
(from here)
I would like to be able to say that this is me: but I am not going to flatter myself.

perhaps this is more me:
or definitely this one:
But I have always aspired to be like the Family Circus Mom, who I just discovered in my google searching for an image, that the woman who was the inspiration for the Family Circus Mom died last year in May, (check out the mini article here). I really liked her new updated hairstyle about 12 years back.
Looking good, and always having the right answers. The model mom. :)

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Lost said...

*chuckles* This thoroughly has me amused. I don't even want to think what my animated counterpart would be. :/

Sarah S. Foote said...

Very cute.

Cara Fish said...

You are funny. :) I can totally see Daria in you.

Nikki said...

Yes about Daria, I don't know the other characters though. I am totally the mom that speaks 20,000 words. I am always on one subject and then I jump around a bit. Maybe I shouldn't get so frusterated with Adam when he kinda blocks me out. I might do the same. haha

ZippityDoDaw said...

Just realized I did not comment on this post!! It was quite enjoyable! FUnny to think about which commic mom you are! I have no idea where I would fall...but fun to think about.

Crandell Fam said...

I just don't know comics enough, but I've always WISHED I was Wonder Woman. Does that count?