Thursday, December 11, 2008

A very nice anniversary

So it may not have gone entirely to plan from start to finish, but my husband still managed to make our anniversary a wonderful day. The night before I cut Joe's hair, and he looked so handsome all day yesterday, making it even easier to remember why I fell in love with him, and still think he is the bees knees :). He had to work late, which was unforeseen.

He surprised me with a gift when Scarlett and I arrived home from a trip out to Mesa. He bought me my calendar. This has become a favorite little tradition of ours. Each year I let him know that the calendar I want is for sale, and where they are selling it in November or whenever they start putting them out, and then he always manages to sneakily get to the mall to buy it without my knowing. This year he even had it in one of those cute calendar gift boxes (like they sell in smaller sizes for CDs or gift cards). I just love him so much.

He also finally got paid for some past work, so we were able to hire a babysitter and go see "Australia". It was a great film, all 3 hours of it. Even though once we got home, we were up till 2 am with Scarlett insisting on not going to bed, we had a great day.

My mom says the most important part of anniversaries is to ask each other if you are still glad you did it, and if you are, than it was a good anniversary. I agree with her. My parents anniversary is on Saturday. They will have been married 33 years (so they have me beat by 30) I hope theirs is just as great.


Taryn Choate said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Anniversary! Happy Happy Anniversary!

Kim said...

I agree with your Mom. That does sound like a nice way to end an anniversary. Congrats guys!

ZippityDoDaw said...

I just love a surprise gift!!! It is great that he is so naturally thoughtful! Happy Anniversary!