Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toilet Paper

So, yes, you guessed it. This Post is about Toilet paper. (I got the image from here)

I personally have a lot of thoughts and feelings regarding TP. Since I have spent over the course of my life a LOT of time sitting on the toilet and having nothing else to think about besides.

I never thought that it was strange to feel complete joy and satisfaction with quality toilet paper until I actually discussed it with another person.

Some people could care less how soft or thick their TP is, since it just gets discarded into the bowl anyway. I personally have guidelines that must be followed when purchasing it.

1. It must not feel like sand paper. Softness is a must.

2. It should really be two ply, and if it must be only one ply, than it better be really SOFT, because otherwise, come on now..

3. It must be STRONG while maintaining its softness. Why would ANYBODY make toilet paper that is going to fall apart during use? And all I can think of is that it is less expensive, and to me, that is sad that everyone's bottoms have to suffer just to save money on toilet tissue.

Now I do not want you to think, that I feel everyone should spend LOTS OF MONEY to purchase decent toilet paper. I have found brands at the dollar store (both dollar tree and 99 cent only) that fit these requirements (four rolls for 99cents, the best brand I've found there is called Sofitelle).

If everything I have said so far you are saying to yourself could have definitely gone without saying, I would advise you to give your husband express direction when sending him to the store to buy TP or he won't follow ANY of the rules, and will come home with this:(in a 6 pack)

Then you will have 1000 sheets per roll of rough, horrible, fall apart in your hand tissue, that is supposed to resemble proper toilet paper... I think it is only the "smart choice" if you plan to use it to TP your neighbor's yard with some to spare.

The brand name shots are from the Virtual Toilet Paper Museum (yes there really is such a place!).

This museum also addresses other TP issues, such as Over or Under? which is the RIGHT way to put the toilet paper on the roll. (and for that matter, can you get your husband to even put it on the dispenser? I am still working on that one). They also have a section that discusses the History of toilet paper which I found interesting.

My favorite TP is Charmin Ultra Strong. :)


Lost said...

*Chuckling having read the entire blog, utterly amused, maybe not your intention, but it's a good thing, so be happy.*

Okay.. wow Molls, I love you. You know that? Of all the things to blog about, you chose TP. I gotta hand it to you. (The good TP of course, lol) <3

Camille said...

I am not picky about my TP at all. I think I'm the weird one.

The Allen's said...

Yeah don't get Angel Soft from Walmart either to save a buck or two. Not so soft and it is definitely fally aparty. Who wants to find little bits of it later on once you are out of the bathroom. you are right some things are a must to go quality on. Toilet paper is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I enjoyed your post. And while I understand that toilet tissue is nice when it is on the softer side, maybe you'd want to consider other options, given the facts mentioned in this recent New York Times article about old-growth forests being logged (that's our oxygen there... as well as a defense against global warming) to produce toilet tissue...

✩Molly✩ said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I would be willing to try a more eco-friendly alternative, as long as my bottom doesnt get rubbed raw in the process... I did check out and wish that I could sample this toilet paper by the Mercal company before purchasing 96 rolls of it... any ideas?