Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where's Joe?

I got several comments asking where exactly Joe had gone. He went out of town for work to Texas and will be back tomorrow evening. (a total of 6 days he will be gone). He is attending a workshop to get certified in a top of the line editing software, though I am not sure which one. 

I think he has had some fun while he is there with his boss, which is cool. We have definitely missed him. Scarlett asks for him every day.

The night before he left, Scarlett was in bed and we had just finished putting most of his stuff together for his trip, exhausted at 3 am. We were joking about why I don't post very many pictures of us on our blog, mostly just pictures of Scarlett. Then I took these pictures, and we just laughed and laughed. He said they would make a great post. 

We look like this
and this
and this
and this
but look at our beautiful baby! ^_^


Camille said...

Oh, she is a beautiful baby indeed. I have been a single wife lots before, but being a mom while Kyle is out of town would be SO hard on me. I'm sorry! And so glad he'll be back soon.

Sarah S. Foote said...

I LOVE U Guys!!! I'm glad that Joe is back! I am in heaven in this beautiful chocolate brown chair! Thanks so much!

Crandell Fam said...

ha! ha! That is funny. I'm never in many pictures either...and that's probably a good thing!

Molly Shumway Rawlins said...

these were PARTICULARLY bad pictures of us. We don't ALWAYS look quite this bad, ha.