Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

Okay, so I am SURE you have all seen the previews for the movie Definitely, Maybe coming out on the big V-Day. It stars Abagail whats her name, the girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Well, I was checking my email, and there was a message from Badly Drawn Boy, my favoritest English singer. He sings a track on the soundtrack! Now I know it is going to be an excellent movie, and I cant wait to hear the song! So that is my exciting blurb for the moment.

Okay so heres the preview so you don't have to look for it. This is the UK trailer, so it may be a little different, but I love all things Brittish so I chose this one :)

As far as updates on me: Still sore, still waiting for our car to get fixed, it is looking like it may be done about mid-next week. Still no verdict as far as State Farm's "investigation" if you could call it that. Scarlett was up all night throwing up, so we are a bit tired at the Rawlins household. We send our love, and appreciate your comments.


The Pouts said...

That movie does look good. Sorry to hear about Scarlett. Wonder if she has the same thing Aidan seems to be getting over. Hope you are getting some rest.

Kim said...

Can't wait to see that movie, it looks really cute. I think the whole world is sick, and depressed for that matter. Don't they go hand in hand? My car died on me on Monday and I had to push it in the rain by myself. It sucked. I'm not feeling good and my car is still not fixed and it's almost thursday, want to cry together?

Molly said...

oh kimmy my love, I would love nothing more than to cry with you. How I long for my little scarlett to feel back to normal, oh how I would love to just be able to drive to the grocery store to buy more milk. With all the bad goingsround all I can do is hope that a good wave of luck is headed our way. I miss spending time with you; hopefully my car will really be fixed mid next week and we can meet up for some MFY or something. I name you wonder woman for pushing your car because I just never would do that.