Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scarlett loves her MeiMa

So, truth be told , I am pretty sure my Scarlett Paige loves her MeiMa more than she loves her dear old MeiMei, which is me.
Yesterday, Scarlett and I spent all day at my parents house, and Scarlett was constantly putting her arms out with a pouty face for my Mom to pick her up. I guess she is just tired of me, but it is really sweet to see how calm and happy she is in my Mom's arms.
She went right to sleep, and even stayed asleep when I took her from her arms, and carried her down the hall and put her in the pack and play in my old room. My mommy is magic. I love her so much.
Scarlett Paige also loves to shop. I discovered that if I put her down on the floor at Carter's she will just kneel in front of the rack and run her hands over all the tags.
She is like your own personal shopper.


Mom of 3 boys said...

She is so darn cute....and is a true girl..already learning to shop...i love it....

Kim said...

What a great Grandma our kids have. Girls are born shoppers!

Nikki said...

Meima is a cute name, we love her too.

I am glad you are pointing Scarlett in the right direction. All girls should be able to shop with no limits. Wouldn't that be nice.

Anonymous said...
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