Friday, January 25, 2008


"Oh the silly things my mommy worries about"

So last night, I went to sleep troubled about money. I watch our dollars and cents very carefully to make sure we don't overdraw, and every so often a "mystery charge" from will appear, and we know who the culprit is.... Joe. Well, I don't know that he got any sleep at all last night, but I do know that somehow he managed to get that charge reversed, so we didn't go negative for real at midnight. See, that saved us $200 in fees. I love that hubby.Scarlett's hair is getting so long and curly, can you see the big jerry curl on top of her head, I was having fun playing with it.she needs both remotes because 2 is better than 1
This is the tense face..I think this one is funny when you can see the guys expression on the TV behind her. Did anyone else watch that new lie detector show the other night? It made me wish that I had DVR so that I could fast forward through the LONG AWKWARD gaps of "suspense". Finally we just put it on mute with the captions, because it was giving me a headache, but I think we will probably do the same thing next week, it is interesting to hear all the deep dark secrets people have. The second guy I thought it was a little sad, that he was a gambler, a member of the Health Club for Men, and they just kept revealing more private things that would have been just embarassing for the guy.


Nikki said...

Scarlett is sooo cute. I dvr'd that show but havn't watched it yet. It's one of those that I will watch if I have a moment to. I wanted to see what it was all about.

Kim said...

She is so cute. I love all her little cute faces. I hate money! I can't believe you watched that show. Doesn't it seem to revealing and cruel. I guess the people know what they are getting themselves into when they go on it.