Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holy hand grenade of Antioch

this picture fits the title line of this post.

hmmm... wonder how this thing works..
mmm, tasty
put it down, and nobody gets hurt

So I don't know why this is so entertaining or unusual to me, but they make hand grenade toys for young children. I am not sure if this is to encourage them to promote war, or understand the tumult of today's society or what, but we were over at my sister's house Friday and I just had to take a second to take a few pictures and blog about it.
Sarah's Alex loved the camera, and wanted me to take pictures of him, too.
Later that night we went to Peter Piper Pizza, Sarah Wendy with their husbands and I with our kids.This is a pic of Sarah's Tyson, He was up on his Daddy's shoulders when I took this.
Scarlett had Pizza crust.

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