Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tagged again

Believe it or not, I've been tagged again! This time by Mom of 3. I am going to steal a cute thing from Jen's page that explains it, but I just don't have any people left to tag at the end.

Here goes:

1. I can't roller skate or roller blade. I am too uncoordinated for that.
2. I love bargain shopping, especially thrift stores, swap meets and dollar stores.3. My biggest pet peeve is when a person REFUSES to load their dishes in to an empty dishwasher! It takes just as long as rinsing it and leaving it in the SINK!4. I love purses. There is something very comforting about having a really cute purse or diaper bag. I just can't explain it. But my newest rule is that I don't pay more than $20 for any purse or bag, because lets face it, they all end up destroyed and practically disposable, so why waste the money?
5. I am an EXCELLENT Christmas shopper. I can go to the mall for 2 hours and get gifts for everyone on my list.. And they are perfect gifts not just hodge podge generic gifts. It is my niche in life, and I would love to one day be a personal shopper.
6. I have anxiety the entire time I am away from my baby, and I have to at least text or call one time while I am out EVERY time I leave her somewhere, which is not often.
7. Naptime is my favorite time of day.

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Kim said...

Dn't you love the atgged things? You always come up wth suh good one. You are a good little shopper!