Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jewelry Party

So yeah, I was going to have a Premier Designs Jewelry party at my house tonight, but I've decided to do a Catalog Party instead.... SOOOOO all of you who want catalogs so that you can order fun jewelery and a somewhat reasonable price, let me know and I will toss a catalog your way :). Plus it is an excellent excuse to hang out! lol. So let me know if you want one and when we have the car tonight, I can come bring ya a catalog.

We FINALLY got our stupid check so that we can buy a car. Now we are car hunting and the red CR-V I loved already sold to someone else. My heart is sad about that. The best car we have found so far is an Altima i think its a 99, and its black... but in my mind I am hoping another CR-V will fall from the sky for me and my little family.

love love.


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

good luck on the car shopping! as for jewelry- thanks to boutiques i have spent my yearly jewelry allowance!!!
dang boutiques are more expensive for venders than for the public.

Kim said...

chin up on the car thing, hopefully one will show up here soon!! Wish I had some extra money to spend this month. I hate when your check is all gone before you get it. So your car is working again?