Sunday, November 4, 2007

i love my little girl

So this weekend we have been on our own without Daddy. So Aunt Nikki Welton dropped us out in Mesa and we got to spend some good times with the Shumway family, which I love to do. Scarlett was very good the whole time, but was not so good when it was time for bed, and didnt want to sleep in Grandma's unfamiliar sleeping quarters... but sleep is just sleep, right? Joe had to do another marathon weekend at Isagenix University, but the good news is that I think he will be off work Monday Tuesday to make up for it, so it will be so nice to spend time together.

Just now Scarlett found one of Joe's T-shirts on the floor, and it had been torn in half, but not washed since Joe wore it last, she pulled it up over herself and went to sleep on the floor. She has definitely missed her Daddy this weekend. Hopefully he will be home by early afternoon. Sorry it as been a while since my last post. I havent had much to report.

Love to all who read my blog.
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Kim said...

You are alive!! That is the cutest thing about the shirt!! It was fun spending time with you this weekend. You have a very cute family!!

Molly said...

Back and better than ever! jk. but I will be better, and post more often again.