Monday, October 29, 2007

7 Random facts about myself

So thank you, Taryn Choate (, I have now been tagged, and have to write 7 RANDOM facts about myself.. which should be fun... but I feel the pressure... So here goes.

1. I am horrible at keeping up with Joe's and my laundry. I have no trouble keeping up with Scarlett's cute little clothes, but our clothes, are just big, and boring, and so I am not very good at keeping up with washing them.

2. I love to eat out. I don't know how to cook very many things, and so it is so wonderful just to be able to walk into a restaurant, usually our top ones are Applebee's, Olive Garden, Serrano's, Red Robin and B.J.'s, and be able to just tell them what I want and have it brought to me. (thus, Papa John's for dinner tonight)

3. My favorite color is Red and I actually named my kid Scarlett for that reason.

4. I love holiday decorations, but I hate taking them down. As Halloween draws to an end, I have to take my witch/jack0lantern decor down, and prepare for turkey day, and then Christmas right after that.

5. I am a blog addict. I could blog up to 3 times a day, but yet I get SO SAD when people can't find the time to read and comment on them...which is SO SILLY... I know other people find better things to do with their time, like cleaning their houses, lol.

6. I live for movies, which is so sad now because we hardly ever get to go anymore now that we are parents of a 10 month old. But I even enjoy going by myself. (as long as the concession people aren't mean to me, like they were 2 times ago... but that is another story...) Sometimes I think it is a good thing that I have such a love for movies, because all my hubby can think about is making one, which helps me to have a little more tolerance than most wives would have.

7. I watch and pay attention to commercials on TV. (but maybe that is just because I don't have DVR)

Okay, now I have to tag 7 other people. After you write your random facts, you must tag 7 others, write a comment on their most recent blog so they know they were tagged, and give them the instructions.

I tag: Kim, Nikki, Cara, Camille (I dont have 7 people to tag! lol)


Nikki said...

That will be fun, I havn't been the best blogger lately, Cara tagged me too and I haven't done it yet. I will do my best to get them both done.

Kim said...

I've already done this and it wasn't very exciting! I try to be a good commentor. I live for cmments so i know how that goes. I would rather do my kids laundry over my own any day. It's so much cuter and goes so muchfaster. 1 load, per kid a week. I love it!