Friday, November 16, 2007

I am blessed

Last night, my Mom and 2 sisters came over, watched Scarlett and cleaned my house from top to bottom while Joe and I got to go out to dinner BABY FREE, and see a movie. I feel almost unworthy of the service. I dont feel as though I do enough, to deserve the service I receive, but it was so nice, waking up this morning, making my baby a bottle in my clean kitchen, playing on my clean rug with her, looking around and seeing order instead of chaos. All I can say is a Million "Thank you"'s, and that I will always be there for them when they need me to help. I love them so much, I truly have 3 best friends right there.

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OTHER GREAT NEWS: I've lost 7 lbs this week. I've cut Dr Pepper from my life, and the results are SLIMMING! I can really feel a difference already, but you probably wouldn't believe me when I tell you that reducing my carbonation intake has reduced my appetite exponentially! There was a time, when I could eat THREE Cheese Enchiladas, and yesterday when we went, I could only eat HALF of ONE! For those of you who have never had an extreme weight problem, this is probably dull, but to me it is miraculous. And last night Joe and I ended up having our main course boxed up at Olive Garden because we were so full on salad and mushrooms. I guess I do have my vomiting day to thank for 4 of the lbs, but oh well, I think this weight is just going to keep coming off, and I am very happy about that!


Mom of 3 boys said...

I need help in losing weight...but love my Pepsi....what all are you doing to lose weight?....any ideas would be great...I am a stress eater..and if you read my blog you will see that I am stressed....

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

for the life of me I could not figure out why in the world you left a huge weight loss comment on mom of 3's blog. NOW it makes since. I'm so glad you cuties met!

Molly - yes you are truely blessed! what a great date, to come home to a clean house! priceless.

as for weight loss I listed to "the secret" and basically what I got from it is "lie to yourself". if you tell youself you need to loose "weight" the big word isn't loose, it's weight. therefor you attract MORE weight. so here is one of my lies I repeat over and over: "I am my perfect weight of 130 pounds. I can eat whatever I want and stay my perfect weight". all about the law of attraction. say what you want even if it's not true. you will draw it to you. one of these days i will blog my entire list of silly things i have posted all over my house like that.