Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Scarlett is down for her nap, so I now have a moment to update. The pest control guy came today, and put some really powerful stuff on the floorboards in Scarletts room and I think it is working in there, but now an hour after they've left there are now ants in the doorway between my laundry room and kitchen! So I put down the two other bait traps they gave me for ants, and I am hoping that will solve the problem. I dont exactly feel like climbing over ants to do the laundry. They say I it will take 2 days for all the ants to be dead in Scarlett's room, so that is two more days of crappy sleep for me. We are going to probably borrow a pack and play from Wendy so that we can have Scarlett sleep in the living room.

So we went to lunch with Joe and his department from work at California Pizza Kitchen, and I got the same thing I got last time I went there, only it didnt seem to settle right, and I had to run inside with explosive diarrhea and then run back outside to get my baby out of her carseat!

Joe's birthday is tomorrow! He will be 27. This year I turn 23, can you believe that? Joe's mom offered to watch Scarlett so we can go see a movie tomorrow, though we may shop around for cars instead. This heat thing is just ridiculous, with a record-breaking hot summer. It will be nice when they install the cable tomorrow to have more to watch in the daytime. I do not watch soap operas or court tv shows, and that is all they put on in the free daytime tv. SO irritating.

Wow I'm negative today, lol. If anyone ever wants to come over and swim at our awesome pool let me know, I want to take Scarlett but it would be more fun if someone came with us! Maybe Scarlett and I will try it out this afternoon after she wakes up.

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Kim said...

freak, the ants are killing me! Who knew they would be so horrible?? It sounds like the place needs to be sealed, in addition to being exterminated!! Happy B-day Joe, I hope you have a great day!