Monday, August 20, 2007

Shumway gathering

So tonight there was a Shumway gathering at a park because my cousin Garrod was in town. I totally forgot. Ive been planning to go to it for quite some time now, but I am absent minded these days as my baby has been sick and she has been taking the majority of my attention and brain cells to handle.

So we didn't get there until everyone was either leaving or had already left, plus our baby was like dying of heat exhaustion from our freaking car that has no a/c, and we brought Pirates fish and chips with us to share cause it was a potluck, but everyone was gone. Then I forgot Scarletts formula so as soon as we got there Joe had to run to walgreens and buy a new can... grr.

Im starting to reconsider attending family gatherings, because a lot of times I feel like it was not entirely worth all the effort that went into getting there, nor does it seem like it meant much to the people there that I actually went, and my husband usually looks like he is suffering through the whole event anyway, so that only makes them that much less appealing. I will be glad when Scarlett is 100% well, but the o.t.c. medicine the pharmacist recomended for Scarlett really helped her sleep last night and get some good rest today, so I am really excited to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

The pest control people are coming Wednesday, and the Cable and internet people are coming Thursday, so my goal is that by Friday hopefully things can go back to somewhat normal, and I can stop neglecting the laundry that has piled up the past few days. My mom offered to come over and help with some things tomorrow so maybe she can help me get everything ready and put away so that the pest control people can have good access to everything. We'll see how that goes.

Sorry this turned into a lengthy post. Im really hoping that Scarlett has finally fallen asleep; she is sleeping in my bed until all of this ant business gets resolved and my Joey is on the couch. I miss him in bed with me. I like the love.

Hopefully we will be into a new car this week! Heres a few pics of the car we will hopefully be getting. It is a '97 Honda CRV with only 117k miles on it and its RED!

We found it on Craigs list. We will probably go test drive it tomorrow. We are still waiting for our 401k loan to come in the mail, so we are hoping the guy doesn't sell it before we can get the money together, the bluebook supposedly on it is 7600 and we offered him 6000, and that is going to be hard enough for us to come up with. But no matter how much of a headache it is for a few weeks to get the money together, it will be so worth it to have a car that has air conditioning, and that looks like something I WANT to drive. Ive been waiting for this day for years.

I found a friend's blog that she put cute pictures on and it made it so much more fun to read, so I thought I'd try it out, I know I went overboard, but hey, this is fun.


Kim said...

Loved the blog entry...

1. Sorry you forgot about the family gathering, we were all wondering why you weren't there. I would have stayed when I saw you come but I had been there the longest.
2. Good luck with getting your house in order. I know it will be much more thourogh (?) if all the walls and baseboards are clear of things.
3. I love the car! For a 97' that is great mileage. Plus the color is great.
4. I love your pictures you added, it makes it cute and interesting!
Talk soon...

Garrod said...

I just found this blog of yours and I think its important to tell you that it meant a lot to me that you showed up. Although we didn't get the opportunity to talk much I do miss you and hope the next time I see you we can catch up. I miss all the family down there and wish I could see you guys more. Hope all is well with you and your sweet little family. -Garrod

Molly said...

Wow, I am always surprised when people find my blog, but I'm glad you did! Im glad you are glad we went, sometimes a person just has no way of knowing if the things they do make a difference to someone. Definitely let us know when you come in town again! We love you, and thanks for reading our blog.