Friday, March 8, 2013

What a day

Woke up this morning to Scarlett not feeling well. She was incredibly cranky and clingy all morning. I gave her some Tylenol and allergy medicine because she was really not feeling well. She fell back asleep about 10 Mins after I took Eloise out of her bed. Within those 10 mins, I picked up Eloise and she promptly began to throw up and luckily we made it to the bathroom in time. She is no expert at vomiting yet, and doesn't understand the concept of barfing into something, instead she just gets it all over her clothes every time. She has vomited 3 times today.

Scarlett was a bit lethargic the day before, and didn't eat a lot, but still ate enough that I wasn't worried. Today she didn't drink much though which is my biggest concern. My friend Holly went and bought me some pedialyte and and bottled water for me, and I went right in and Eloise drank some really well, and layed right back down without complaint. Hopefully I don't find her in a pool of barf in the morning.

I am diffusing some essential oils for Scarlett while she sleeps. Her sickness is more of a cough that hurts her tummy. She did eat chicken with rice and two different servings of apple sauce today.. Though she didn't drink much.

Today was also parent teacher conferences. They mostly only had comments of improvement, but her fine motor skills could still use strengthening, so that holding a pencil and writing doesn't feel so strenuous. New ideas for working on this include, mazes, dot to dots, puzzles, punching paper, scissor cutting, and coloring. They were also doing a bookfair at school, and had all the kids fill out book wish lists.. Scarlett only had one item in the list- the 3D Zoo book. I bought it for her, but am thinking maybe to save it for Easter or st pattys day present. I also got a book based on BoB Marleys "everything is gonna be alright". Scarlett loves that song.

So pretty much I'm just sitting up worrying about my children even though I'm so exhausted I should be sleeping. Scarlett got sick and throwing up about two times when she was small, both were terrible and I have not forgotten them, but she is still here, she survived it.

My cousin Spring texted me out of the blue today. I told her about my sick kids, and she said, just remember to tell yourself "I can do hard things". That is definitely something I need to remember and hold strong to.

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