Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally something to say.

The constant changing, twisting turning course of events that is my life, have brought us to this point.

We now live in Utah. Lehi, Utah. A place with red trees, bushes, and SEASONS! In my in-laws basement. They are very kind to us and help keep us fed. Joe continues to do his best to find work to keep him busy, but that has not been extremely plentiful lately. We are grateful not to be stressed over looming rent due. We will stay here until the house sells and then try and find a place nearby to keep Scarlett at the same school (assuming it goes well at this school).

Scarlett will be attending Sego Lily Elementary end of the month. They have a special ed preschool that she qualifies for. They are going to take her existing IEP (individual education plan) that was worked up in Tempe, here, and then will re-evaluate in 6 weeks or so to add/remove/adjust her services to fit her needs. I know she is anxious about school, but when I told her the mean kid in her primary class will not be in her class at school, she experienced a great sigh of relief.

 The stake here had a clothing exchange on Saturday, and we got some pants and a few shirts for Scarlett and Ellie, and on the way home I passed a  yard sale that had really nice clothes in scoobys size for $1 a piece, So i am feeling pretty good about at least having something to dress her in for school. We also found her a hello kitty backpack at walmart that she loves. I've told her she isnt allowed to wear her princess shoes (payless bogo BLESS THEM) until she starts school... she is ever so impatient to be able to jump around with flashing lights.

Scarlett LOVES taking care of her "Ellie Sister". And Eloise truly appreciates every funny thing Scarlett does. I think she loves having such a captive audience. This day, she begged me to let her feed Ellie, it was so sweet.

Eloise is a crawling fool.  She favors her left leg to push herself around while she crawls forward, and uses her right leg to "steer" lol. she is so happy to have the additional mobility... its keeping the floor clean enough that is the trick. She can see every microscopic speck on the floor and is after it like lightning! She also LOVES to eat paper and cardboard, much to my dismay. She is already in 12 month and even some 12-18mo clothes.

Joe's birthday is next week on the 23rd. He'll be 31.

My mother in law signed me up for  doTERRA, the essential oils company, and I am so in love with these products! For those of you who enjoy all natural and healthy things, this is RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY. let me know if you'd like more information! I'm going to be starting up another blog just for that called

I'm missing all my sweet family  and friends in AZ, a lot. I am hoping I can come down for winter break, and escape the *gasp* SNOW!! I have never lived anyplace where it snows so I am a little excited actually to experience it, but as it seems to for the people who do live here I'm sure I'll get tired of it quick. Love to all, that is assuming anyone still follows this neglected blog of mine.

Last month we attended Joe's family reunion, and Eloise got to meet her great Grandma Julia Rawlins.

My $7 glasses came. heres a pic.


Camille said...

I still read it!

I'm glad you're safe and well, though I was surprised to hear you'd moved to Utah. Not surprised as in it's weird, just surprised because you hadn't written about it as a possibility before. Anyway, now we can commiserate about the snow together this winter (but please don't let's think about it now).

I just signed up for doTerra, too! Love that stuff.

Allyson & Jere said...

I was excited to see an update. Yeah, your life is a crazy rollercoaster of ups and downs. I'm so glad you have nice inlaws that have allowed you to live there. Utah has some nice things about it, but snow is not one of them, hehe. Scarletts hair looks adorable in the pics, love the cut. Hope you're happy, and that the hosue doesn't sell TOO soon, so you'll continue to have somewhere to live.

AJ said...

That's great about the schools and clothes and everything. Sego lily is a pretty good school, especially for Lehi. Freedom is another good one but a little bit farther, though I was told in Utah you can go to any school you choose as long as they have space available.

Are Joe's parents selling their house? I hope you find a good place to live, my sister-in-law is renting out their house in Lehi but it may cost more than you guys are looking to spend, I'm not sure. They're going to have the place open in October so feel free to talk to me about it if you want.

And yes, you will get sick of the snow. I guarantee it. :)

Kim said...

I love the update. I'm So glad you found a good school for Scarlett!! If you act like it is for keeps, so will she! It will be so great for her and I'm sure she will love it! There is bound to be a lovely girly girl in there to befriend Scarlett. Love the glasses!