Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Day.

So, in response to people's bewilderment as to why ANYONE would put taco seasoning on eggs, It goes back to something I probably said in a blog post 2 years ago, about how my husband likes to put taco seasoning on pretty much everything. It started with Spaghetti sauce (actually gives it a nice zip), but then has progressively taken over. Popcorn, Eggs, really anything Joe cooks is given a liberal sprinkling of taco seasoning. For a while, it was okay, but in this pregnancy the baby has advised me that this is not okay, especially on daily morning eggs. So the morning I posted the previous post, when Joe asked if I wanted some eggs, I said in a somewhat adamant voice, "yes, but no taco seasoning please!"

I am thinking this shall be a post of randomry. In the last 15 minutes, Scarlett has been coloring and cuddling with Joe. Her new favorite medium is marker.... *sighs* what a stressful experience for my highly strung daughter. If she gets a DOT of marker on herself she shrieks at the top of her lungs pleading with someone to help her remove it promptly. This is why I buy the Washable Crayola markers, because, yep, then if there isn't a wipe nearby, you can lick your finger and quickly wipe off the marker from her skin and she is instantly calm. Her Dad however, refuses to use his spit to clean his child, so as I attempted to type about Taco seasoning, he let her freak out for 5 minutes about the ink on her leg. finally she climbed down, KNOWING that at least her Mother would help her, and I licked my finger and solved the problem. *sighs*

Now that my hair is growing so long, I broke down and bought some SCRUNCHES! I love scrunches so much and AM bringing them back from their banishment post 80's in the mid 90's. They are so much more comfortable when one's hair must be pulled back to sleep comfortably... and you can color coordinate them to your outfit, or choose neutral colors that match whatever you might choose to wear :) I got an insanely good deal at Dollar Tree... got a 4 pack and a 6 pack for only $1 each. The four pack is black, gray, white, and charcoal colored, and the 6 pack is more metalic looking fabrics of random fun colors.



Allyson & Jere said...

I'm still SUPER EWWW on the whole tac seasoning thing. Way to put your foot down.

Glad you got such a good deal on the scrunchies. Your hair is getting super long. How long you planning on going?

Finally...washable markers are the best, and ONLY thing I sometimes allow around here. They clea up magically.

Lost said...

It's with Lemon.. and hot sauce. :D

Molly said...

Stevens family puts garlic salt on everything...and if its not garlic salt worthy, it probably gets hot sauce. Mac n cheese - hot sauce. Casserole that looks iffy - hot sauce. At first I was offended - but then I realized he'll put it on anything. ha ha. Washable crayons are my new best friend. Wipes right off the wall. MAGIC!

Trish said...

This is a great post! Poor inky Scarlett! :)