Saturday, July 24, 2010

Soccer ball

My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball. 

The baby about the size of a half gallon of milk and roughly the length of those fun little recorders you played in music class back in grade school. 

These visualizations help me feel better about my current appearance. 

Joe has been having fun with his new camera... and took these pictures... the color is amazing, and the pictures are so clear. He says he will take some more maternity pics of me later on, too. Oh, and for you Shumway relatives, that is Grandma Louise's Aloe Vera plant still growing strong by our front door behind Scarlett. :)

Today was my Dad's birthday, he is now 59! Scarlett and I had a great time over at their house this afternoon, she loves to play with all her cousins. My mom and I were talking about how time can really fly by, I still am not sure how I came to be 25, seems like only yesterday I was turning 21 and getting married. Joe and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary in December, and my parents are celebrating 35 years that same month. I am grateful for love; it truly can survive all else. 



babyhellfire said...

awww the pics are adorable!! You look amazing with your soccer ball :)

boot said...

love is lovely, and truly nothing else compares. :)

ps, I like the stripey theme with the red girls. tres chic!

Wendy said...

Scarlett looks so cute in the sunglasses. Hooray for cameras.