Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hoarders- Saturday Steals

This morning I was thinking about Saturday Steals, as I again read Camille's blog entry of the week and found myself considering steals in my life. for example Scarlett's Rainbow Brite Pony. (it looks exactly like this one, I can't believe my mad-Googling skills found me this image!) This thing was obviously the real deal from back in 1984. Someone loved and cherished this thing. Could have very well been their FAVORITE childhood toy... a few of her hooves are a bit worn out due to all the trotting along Starlight as done over the years. In fact, they probably held onto it for a good 23 years before finally deciding it was okay to part with it: give it to charity (D.I. in this case) , pay it forward. This person, was willing to part with this gem in order to not allow their home to turn into something like this:

There are toys I remember from my childhood, that I wish I still had to share with my daughter... but, let's face it, it is neither healthy nor worthwhile to allow yourself to be buried in sentimental or useless collecting. And let's face it, who is going to be able to find ANYTHING in a scary pile of a room like that one?

Sorry, the above was sort of a mental tangent, but I feel much better after letting it out of my head! :)

Steals that took place this week:

Joe's sister Nikki is going to give me the single Graco stroller that she used for her daughter who is Scarlett's age, so now I will have a single stroller to click Zoey's [yeah still not set in stone on the name yet, but anyway] car seat into on those solo-adventures or when Scooby doesn't need to sit in the stroller. We also took our girls with us to a quick run to Wal-mart this week. These two girls are already best friends in the making... look at this adorable picture of them eating icecream side by side in the cart. Melts my heart :)

My friend Marsha says she will probably call me Monday so I can go pick up the infant car seat and bases she has (did i tell you guys that it is pink and brown just like I said I wanted to begin with?!)

And, it gets better! Scarlett's wonderful Grammy and Papa Rawlins got her THE pink and brown car seat I had been posting about wanting. Scarlett was in love with it before it even came out of the plastic! It hasn't made it into our car yet, I want go give our CRV a nice thorough cleaning before putting in the new seats. I feel so incredibly blessed, that I am practically bursting at the seams!

My dear sweet friend Brooklin watched Scarlett for us last night for free so we could see the movie Inception. We really liked it and I would recommend it! Just wanted to publicly thank Her for being such a great friend, I love her so much.



Wendy said...

Wow, you have had several great things happen this week. How awesome! There are some really great people in the world.

amattiee said...

the target by my house has rainbow brite dolls on clearance for $9.98. i saw them today and immediately thought of you and scarlett. :o)

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Chloe said...

Great steals! You're a lucky girl!!