Tuesday, June 8, 2010

385th post on Red Rawlins

Yep, believe it or not I have made or begun to make 385 posts on this here blog including this one.

I wanted to give a quick shout-out to my pal Rob Miracle for my awesome apple image for my header.. I added the text myself, but he was kind enough to email me the image file so that I wouldn't have to steal it :) He says he was just trying to cut a dark spot out of his apple and accidentally had this outcome, so being a photographer, he took a quick snap of it, and I loved it.

I have to report that my daughter has been a lot more cheerful since we cut her hair... That might seem like an impossible thing for her hair to be THAT tied to her temperament, but It does seem to be the case. She also loves watching Shrek, twice a day if she has her way, and every so often will settle for Monsters Inc instead. She still loves to color, and build with blocks. Grammy Rita got her some really cool curtains and at least once a week she shows them to her Dad like they are the first time he's seen them... "Look dad, I got curtains!" and he comes in and Ooohs and Ahhs. Grammy also bought her a green mirror that we hung right at her eye level so that she can examine herself in the mirror, and she absolutely loves it. She has knocked it down twice now mid-adoring herself, but Daddy always helps her "fix it" and put it back on the wall.  I would post a picture of her curtains, but scarlett is asleep in her room right now, so I shall not disturb her. :)

Yesterday Joe helped me bring in one of our shelving units from our porch and I have filled it as an extended pantry, helping us to regain a countertop, and then this afternoon I did the illusive dishes that have been ignored for far too long. My biggest mistake was forgetting to stop and feed myself. Pizza Pocket in the microwave now waiting for me.

I just have to get through 5 more days and then we will go to the Ultrasound appointment, hooray! I am now down nearly 40 lbs since January. Joe has now told me that it is unfair for me to want to give my kid more than 2 names.... so I am begrudgingly attempting to pair down the names.

It is really hot outside today.. Moms car thermometer said it was 109! Much too hot for habitation... I was lucky enough to miss out on these intense heats last year when we were in Irvine... one of the few perks of that move.

This post was intended to be a bit more grandiose but, I'm tired and want to take a nap... so I suppose I'll end this now.

Heres to 385 more...



Allyson & Jere said...

Hooray for 40 lbs., that is truly awesome!

Congrats on 385. But, I totally get the, "too tired to accomplish nything" feeling.

Wendy said...

Exciting that the ultrasound is just around the corner. I just ran into a girl at swim lessons who gives her kids 4 names. I only worry about the spaces to fill in all those names, no one ever seems to leave 4 sections for name info, rude really. :')

Well, seems like I haven't seen you much lately. Too bad. We went to free swim at Desert Oasis, Scarlett would love it, maybe next Wednesday?

Crandell Fam said...

So does this mean you moved back here? I'm so behind in the blog reading that I have missed much this last year. Are you still in Irvine? Congrats on the 40 pounds! You're pregnant and you're losing?? Wow, that's really awesome! What are you doing?