Sunday, May 16, 2010

Belligerent Blogger

This morning the words "Belligerent Blogger" kept running through my head. It occurred to me that I didn't even know exactly what the word belligerent meant or even how to spell it (I was leaving out one of its lovely L's) I read the definition... and it said adjective: hostile or aggressive. I didn't think that much sounded like me. Then there was the second definition: engaged in a war or conflict as recognized by international law.

Ok, I thought. I thought maybe that could be me. We are all sort of fighting our own wars in life. Wars with keeping the house clean, managing our finances, parenting, etcetera. I am not a great lieutenant. I do not manage all the things in my life as well as another might, but this is not a blog intended to be a cry for help. It is just a catharsis. A way to let the people I love and care about read about the things I am facing week to week, (or month to month depending on my level posting at the time) and trying my best to see the good.

Monday I get to go to the OB for the first time. I am really excited to have some real news about this baby. I can feel it moving around now, and the pregnancy symptoms almost seem to be attached to something real now that I am beginning to show. I am grateful for the things that I have. I love my husband and daughter so much. I love my kind blog readers.

Not a whole lot has changed in my life in the last month, which is why I haven't posted... but this morning felt like a good time to update, so here I am. I'll let you all know how the OB appointment goes.

Thank you for your patience. Thanks for the chat the other night Allyson, and Kimmy the night after. It can be nice to talk to moms who have all been there done that, and lived to tell the tale. Thanks also for the kind and encouraging comments on my last post. I think most people in the world are facing some sort of inner war or struggle. It can be nice to know that we are all in these trenches, and that there are people around us who care and are cheering for us to get through it.



Sarah S. Foote said...

Amen sister. Life is a battle feild. It's good to know you're not alone. Can't wait for news on the baby. Love you so much!

Cricket said...

Well said sweetie! We all face our wars, big and small - then we come blog about them! ;)

Love you!!

Wendy said...

It is always reassuring to hear the first heartbeat! Congrats on that today! When times are tough it really can make us happier as we write about our experiences.

Criticizing other people and their behaviors, on their blog, is like showing up to a dinner someone else is serving uninvited and then criticizing the meal. Yes they left the front door open, but people usually do that to enjoy "fresh air," if the open door only calls in pests and a foul breeze, it is hard not to shut and deadbolt the door! Unfortunately, many enjoyable aspects of the open door policy are forfeited when this becomes necessary.

Kim said...

I never heard how the appointment went. Great, I'm sure. I love the update, tis true, tis true.