Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Update!

For the First time, in a VERY long time, I feel like I have something new and exciting to say!

I'm Pregnant!

words of love and encourangement are welcome :) 

Joe and I are very excited about having a closing addition to our family. We will be thrilled with either sex for the baby. I am determined that the due date will be 28th of October, though the due date calculator says otherwise... November 4. If this baby is anything like the last one, it will probably get so comfy in there it will definitely push into November, but either way, as long as he or she is healthy and happy, we don't really mind that much. So, as you can tell I am not very far along, and lots of people wait a long time to announce that they are pregnant, but those of you who know me, know better of me! 

The question I have received the most is, "was this planned?" I think that when it comes to babies, the only problem with planning, is everything. I have been off of birth control for over 2 years now, and we are only just now getting pregnant. We knew it would happen in its own time. 

I also updated the background on my blog... I like it, though it might look a little bit like fall, I look at it as "growth" and new beginnings. I have been cooking a lot more from home. I am no Top Chef, but, most of the time I like the simple foods I make. I have not been sick yet with this pregnancy which is a blessing to say the least. Every day that I feel fine, and satisfied at the end of a meal, I think, God be praised! 

Joe is still working hard and late most days. They are always looking for more companies that are looking for video work. Commercials, training videos, Infomercials, anything with video, or photography, editing, audio commercials, they can do it all. So if you know anyone who needs work like that done, or if you know anyone who is a Surgeon or Dentist, or Doctor, trying to expand their market... Let me know, I can send you an email to forward links. On the right side I have contact info for LizardLand Video (Joe and his Partners' company). 

Perhaps some time soon I will have a camera to take pics to post on this blog... it's hard to believe I have gone a year without one.. and only my cell phone pictures. I do try to post day to day pictures on my Facebook, so definitely add me there if you are curious about how we are looking :)

Lots of Love, 
Red Rawlins


Paul D. Watson said...


Wendy said...

Very exciting for you! Babies are the best. I know you will be thrilled with a new addition. I will no doubt feel the need to shop once we know which way things are going.

The Allen's said...

Congratulations! Babies bring such an awesome feeling into the home. Excited for your family. I hope you keep not feeling sick. What a great thing that would be!

Rebecca Lynne said...

YAAAA Congratulations!!!!

Lindsey Layton said...

HORRAY!!!! Congrats! I'm really happy for you :o)

Michelle said...

Congratulations!!! This is such exciting news. Please keep us posted during your pregnancy. I am so happy for you and your family. :-)

Camille said...

The thing that makes me happiest about all this is how happy YOU sound about it. That's really exciting.

And, your new layout is BEAUTIFUL! I like it a lot.

The Waits said...

Im with you on the whole "planning" a baby thing..i have never planned, and phil and I both agree, that we will never plan! I am so glad to hear that you are cooking at home! I support that!! ;o) Good luck to you, and your family!!!!!

Norah Parker said...

Congratulations Molly! Scarlet's gonna be a great big sister :)

Lawanna said...

Molly I am thrilled for you and Joe, I hope that you continue without any of the morning sickness. Babies are wonderful.
Love Ya, Lawanna

Thorne Family said...

Yeah! That's exciting!!! I'm sure you will have another cute curly haired baby!