Wednesday, January 13, 2010

good morning, Mommy.

As most of you know, I can tend to be a bit of a night owl. It is very easy for me to stay up far too late in the evening, and then as a direct result, have a desire to sleep the day away. My Scooby, however, does not go to bed late like me, so she wakes up at a somewhat reasonable hour for the rest of the human population, and luckily daddy goes to work, letting her out of her room on his way out, so that she can remind me it is time to join the world of the awake.... this morning she climbed into my bed and cuddled with me for a while... I warmed her cold feet and hands... and then she disappeared again, she reappeared, wearing this adorable head band that my wonderful sister in law Kimmy made (which up until this point in time she had been completely against wearing), I suppose just deciding to bring some extra sunshine into my morning.

Luckily for her, i sleep with my phone, and was able to capture a few pictures of my beautiful girl.



babyhellfire said...

Awww! cuteness!

Wendy said...

Good Catch! That is really sweet.

Allyson & Jere said...

She really is cute. Love the headband too.

Lawanna said...

She is so adorable, love her hair!