Friday, December 11, 2009

Count your many Blessings..

Name them one by one...

My Sweet sister, Wendy, watched Scarlett for us so we could go out to a movie last night. We saw "Brothers." (image from here ) It was quite the drama. The star-studded cast (Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhal, and Tobey Maguire) really bring to  light the horrific impact war can have on our soldiers, who are then expected to just come right back home to their old surroundings. Made me grateful to those who are willing to make such an ultimate sacrifice to help protect our freedoms, and the freedoms of those in foreign lands. We love movies.

When we came to pick up Scarlett, she had been bathed and was happy as a little clam. She wanted us to stay at Wendy's to play longer! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendy! She also watched Sarah and Matt's boys for a couple hours before we brought Scarlett, she is truly a saint. She serves until she has no faculties left, without complaint.

Joe and I did not exchange gifts this year for our anniversary. Only Hallmark cards. Each year, I, scour the section, reading every one, searching for one that holds the exact message I want to send *which often brings tears to my eyes in the middle of Walgreens*, then just add a few words and sign it. He, finds a simple card, and writes the beautiful heartfelt tribute, himself. Oh how I love him. Even more today, than yesterday.

(image from here)

In Five days, I will reach my 25th birthday! A Quarter of a century of life under my belt. Do I feel wise? I don't know... I think I once heard a saying that "The wiser you become, the more you realize just how little you know. "(i know i butchered that but you get the jidst)

Joe was telling me that a certain friend of his hates Christmas. I was like WHAT?!?!? I told him that friend needs to spend more time with ME around the Holidays. I love it. Here is a Christmas song for you, Paul, a tribute song from Oscar the Grouch: (image from here )

"I cant think of anything thats dumber
To a grouch, Christmas is a bummer.
Beaming faces everywhere, happiness is in the air,
I'm telling you it isn't fair, I hate christmas!
People loaded with goodwill, giving presents what a thrill,
That slushy nonsense makes me ill, I hate christmas.
I'd rather have a holiday like normal grouches do,
instead of getting presents, they take presents back from you.
Here comes Santa, girls and boys,
so? who needs that big red noise,
I'll tell him where to leave his toys, I hate christmas.

And if you want the truth, I ain't so crazy about Easter and Labor day either, HUH!

Christmas carols to be sung, decorations to be hung, Oh yeah?
Well I stick out my tongue, I hate christmas!
Christmas bells pay loud as throng, hurts my ears all that ding dong,
besides it goes on much too long! I  hate christmas!

I'd rather have a holiday with a lot less joy and flash
With a lot less cheerful smiling, and a lot more dirty trash! Yeah!
Christmas day is almost here, when its over, then I cheer
I'm glad its only ONCE A YEAR
I hate christmas!

And whoever hung that mistletoe over my trash can,
Well I say HOOEY and Bah HUMBUG!"
*trash can lid slams shut*
(heres a link to the youtube video )

(image from here )



RatalieNose said...

Happy Early Birthday!!!
And how sweet of Joe!!
I LOVE letters from boys!
They're my favorite!!

Wendy said...

Man that was a heart wrenching movie. Whew. Glad you had a great anniversary.

Allyson & Jere said...

Funny little grouch song. It might fit me a little bit, poor Jere.