Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There is no better word for my blogging behavior lately, than NEGLECT.

I think the problem is, instead of posting a blog with the adorable pic I took of Scarlett that day, I send it and add it to my status update on Facebook instead.... Guilty as charged of blogging, and bloglist reading, NEGLECT!!!
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Forgive me, friends. I will try my best to do better.

However, there is definitely good news to report. Scarlett Paige has adopted an EXCELLENT sleeping schedule.... She goes to bed around 9:30 every night and wakes up at around 9:30 every morning, sleeping 12 hours each night. At around 2pm, she likes to take a nap. And she has been SO well behaved. I am so happy that we are reaching this point. Also, I am weining her off of soda. This ad cracks me up, and Scarlett would fully agree with and endorse this add, too, for SPRITE. ( Today she had some lemonade with a shot of strawberry, and some forced drinks of flavored water with a splash of juice. I wish I had realized I was creating such a monster with "sprite", and am glad to be rid of it, even if there is a mini-fit here or there. Before bed, she drank plain old water from a straw out of mommy's "special cup"! You have no idea how proud I am of the pain and suffering I have endured this week.

On a lighter note, Scarlett is going to be Betty Boop for Halloween. (image from Our friend Elizabeth Smith is making us a costume with some fabric she says she already has. Scarletts hair is pretty long now, so I am not totally sure how I am going to make it look like Betty's, since I KNOW she won't go for a wig, but She will have the cute little red dress and garter, and beads. I will do my best to make the ringletts around the face, the black eyelashes on with eyeliner, and red lips. It will be so fun to dress her up. maybe I could make some red shoe covers for her tennis shoes, because with her fat feet I cant seem to find any dressy red shoes that she will wear......not even slippers :(

More good news....? Joe will be down here with us to stay hopefully by Halloween. We have put in our notice at the place in Irvine, and are glad to be rid of the high priced rent and living expenses. GAS was more than 50cents MORE expensive a gallon  there, for STARTERS, and our rent, $1400 more a month.

I'll try and post more regular, but as I am unpredictable, can really make very little guarantee. Just wanna say, I love being back in AZ, and Love LOVE LOVE my friends and family.

Thank you Malia for having us over for Dinner, Scarlett loves to play with Preston even if she does bully him some, poor kid.

I am getting pretty settled in here in the new place. For those of you who dont know where it's at, We are renting Grandma Shumway's old place just inside of Tempe. I have had a lot of fun unpacking, and finding places for all of my favorite decor, short of hanging things on the wall (dont have nails yet).
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Thats all for now... Good night and good luck....


Allyson & Jere said...

Glad you finally updated, I was beginning to wonder. I'm very excited and happy for you that scarlett is FINALLY sleeping like a normal child, haha. That should be better for all involved. And way to go on weening her from soda, good move! You BETTER post pics of her as Betty Boop, 'cause that sounds adorable!

Wendy said...

I think the add poster is cute but, talk about the ills of encouraging babies to drink pop. Scarlett demonstrated a very unique response to pop, in that she abandoned milk. Who would've known she'd do that?

Scarlett will make a saucy and spunky Betty Boop, Can't wait to see her.

Your house is coming together so cute, great decorations way to go Molly with the great assistance of mom. Gotta love Moms.

BTW, LOVE the new header. Why is it birds are just SO delightful?!

The Waits said...

we had a great time with you the other night..we df. need to make it more of a habit for sure!!!!!!!!!!! love ya!

Lawanna said...

Molly, when did you move back? How did the costume turn out?

RatalieNose said...

Yay for normal sleeping habits and 12 hour nights1!!